Exclusive: Chloe Ferry admits she was "jealous" of Scotty T kissing Megan McKenna

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Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry has admitted she did get a little green with envy, after hearing her former flame and co-star Scotty T had been tashing on with Megan McKenna.

Fans of Geordie Shore will know, Chloe confessed she had feelings for Scott out in Greece and was left upset when he continued to get with other girls in front of her during nights out.

The Geordie lad didn't want to put all his eggs in one basket with Chloe and while he may have now moved on, it seems Chloe still has a bit of a soft spot for him...

Chloe Ferry shows off Hair Rehab London plait
23 January

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CBB, Scotty T tells Megan McKenna he could love her
19 January

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Earlier this week, Chloe revealed she has teamed up with Lauren Pope to front Hair Rehab London's synthetic range and catching up with Reveal during the brand's launch, she confessed she has been avoiding watching Scotty and his new flame on Celebrity Big Brother.

When we mention Scotty's numerous snogging sessions with Megan, Chloe told us: "I was a bit jealous about it... I'm alright about it now, but I don't want to see him kissing other girls on TV."

Chloe admitted she hasn't really been tuning into CBB and when we ask if it's to avoid seeing Scott and Megan together, she admitted: "A little bit."

Although, she did add: "I don't really watch TV, though. The only thing I ever do watch is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Oh, and Corrie. I watch that too!"

CBB: Megan McKenna and Scotty T kiss.
12 January 2016.

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Viewers have watched Scott already move on to Tiffany Pollard, following Megan's exit from the house (she was evicted last Friday), and it has left many wondering if her and Essex beauty Megan will pick up their romance on the outside.

She has claimed their just "flirty friends" (and admitted she was disappointed to seeing him and Tiffany smooch), but did hint the pair had an exciting summer planned together.

Chloe, meanwhile, isn't so convinced. She told us: "I really, honestly, don't know [if it'll last]. It might, but Scott has probably got loads of girlfriends."

She added: "Even though I hate him so much - I hate him and love him at the same time - I do want him to win. I hope he does."

Chloe Ferry revealed as the new face of Hair Rehab London SS Synthetic Range.

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