CBB's Stephanie on Jeremy's kiss with Tiffany: 'I wouldn't do that to him'

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Stephanie Davis is finding it hard to forgive Jeremy McConnell for kissing Celebrity Big Brother housemate Tiffany Pollard in a game of truth or dare.

The former Hollyoaks actress, 22, gave model Jeremy the cold shoulder on last night's episode, after learning he'd snogged Tiffany after the masquerade ball while she'd been bed sick - but Jez pointed out Stephanie has a boyfriend and he was tired of it being one rule for her, another for him.

CBB Day 21: Stephanie finding it hard to forgive Jeremy's kiss with Tiffany
25 January 2016

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A clip played on Bit On The Side showed the aftermath of that kiss, with Stephanie telling Scotty T she was still annoyed about it.

"It was just a game," said Scotty.

"I know but I wouldn't do that to him," said Steph, "so I feel like a f**king mug now."

"Well, you're not going out with him so how can he not do it to you?"

"I know but I've said on TV how much I like Jez, put it all on the line, and the one night he knows I'm not well, really not well, he comes to wake me up to tell me he's necked on. And he wouldn't tell me for ages, I said spit it out, what is it? Then he said, 'Can I spoon you?' No, you can f**k off. I feel like a right d**k. Game or not."

Oh dear...

Jeremy's made no secret of the fact he has feelings for Stephanie that extend beyond friendship, but the sticky point is her relationship with Sam Reece in the outside world.

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