Luisa Zissman: 'Maybe CBB's Stephanie and boyfriend Sam planned everything for publicity'

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Luisa Zissman has suggested CBB's Stephanie Davis and her boyfriend Sam Reece may have planned Steph's flirtations in the house to benefit both of their careers.

The former Apprentice star, who has been a Celebrity Big Brother housemate herself, made the remarks on last night's Bit On The Side.

CBB BOTS: Luisa Zissman talks about Stephanie and Sam Reece
25 January 2016

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The panel had been discussing Stephanie's close friendship with Jeremy McConnell in the house, which saw him peppering her neck with kisses on last night's episode while they lay together in bed.

Luisa, 28, said: "You just can't do that! What is going on? This is my conclusion: they might have an agreement that she needs to get airtime, and she'll make him more famous? His Twitter following his tripled – I've been watching – and he's booking PAs left, right and centre.

"So I think they might have a little agreement and I think poor Jeremy is being used but maybe that's why we should all switch off to it now and not give her or Sam what they want. She will come out and get back together with him."

Host Rylan Clark-Neal then stressed those were just the views of Luisa and no one else.

Sam, however, has already denied this is the case. When a Twitter user suggested the same thing over the weekend, he called it disrespectful.

He replied: "I find it very disrespectful the fact you think I would set something like that up.. Come on love!!"

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