CBB's Megan annoyed with Stephanie for asking to borrow her tracksuit

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Megan McKenna does NOT like to share clothes.

Keep that information in mind if you ever find yourself locked up in a house with her...

CBB Day 15: Megan's unhappy with Stephanie

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Megan's not happy with Stephanie.

The Celebrity Big Brother star has been telling Scotty T how annoyed she is that Stephanie Davis asked to borrow one of her tracksuits, firstly because a tracksuit is Megan's signature look in the house, secondly because she doesn't want to run out of clean clothes. That latter point is fair enough though, right?!

She said: "It's my stuff. I always wear tracksuits. It's my thing. You know the big one,s the woolly ones? It's my little thing. I had two clean ones left and she came over and said, 'can I have it? Can I wear one?'

"I was like, well I don't know how long I'll be in here... in case I don't go on Friday, it really annoys me."

She added: "I know you boys don't care about sharing but because it's normal clothes. I don't know what to do."

CBB Day 15: Megan's unhappy with Stephanie

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Megan vented to Scotty.

Scotty advised Megs to simply talk to Stephanie, but she replied: "No, cause it's not a problem."

Meanwhile, in tonight's episode we'll also see Scotty T getting annoyed with Stephanie, not over tracksuits, but over her continuing closeness to Jeremy McConnell.

He tells Stephanie that the situation with Jeremy is "pissing him off" which leaves Stephanie upset.

Scotty has already said he's not happy with the closeness between the two, as Stephanie has a boyfriend on the outside. "I'm pretty gutted for Jeremy; he's been different these last few days, as he likes Steph," he said.

"They've been sneaking about kissing each other, she has a boyfriend and it's bang out of order. He's confused about it and it's bothering me as he's my mate."

Tonight, Wednesday 20th January 9pm on Channel 5