CBB's Christopher: 'It's too early to see Gemma Collins' designer vagina'

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Celebrity Big Brother's Christopher Maloney seemed a bit put out yesterday after helping Gemma Collins apply fake tan, saying: "I just think it's a bit early to see Gemma Collins' f**king vagina after I've just had me breakfast

"Do you know what I mean? I wanna let it settle first before I do that."

The former X Factor star made the comments to Darren Day while smoking in the garden.

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Naughty Darren replied: "Especially if you've just had some bacon. Don't tell her I said that!"

That caused both men to dissolve into peals of laughter.

"My lips are sealed," said Chris.

Clearly Christopher is a TOWIE fan, though... or at least reads the celebrity magazines! Gemma did have designer vagina surgery, spending £2,000 to perfect her nether regions.

In an episode of the Essex show last March, she proudly said: "I actually pride myself… I'm mega confident because I know I now have a designer vagina. I paid £2,000 and my vagina is perfect now. It looks like something you would see in a movie."

Her BFF Bobby Cole Norris replied: "I've never seen anything that looks so perfect. It's like a new penny! That's £2,000 well spent. I would rather have a la la like that than a cheeky trip to Marbs."