CBB's Scotty T tells Megan McKenna: "I think I could love you"

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Celebrity Big Brother's Scotty T has told Megan McKenna he can see himself falling in love with her...

Lately, things have been hotting up between Megan and Scott, and the pair have been seen sharing a few cheeky kisses.

Proving that their PDAs aren't just for the cameras, Scott has now told Megan he is keen to continue their romance on the outside, admitting he could end up falling for her.

CBB, Scotty T tells Megan McKenna he could love her
19 January

© Channel 5

In scenes to air in tonight's episode of CBB, Scotty comes clean about his feelings for Megan while chatting to her in the bedroom.

He tells her: "I think you could love me and I think I could love you."

Jeremy is sitting with the pair and tells them both, he too thinks that Scott and Megan could be dropping the L-bomb if they were to give their relationship a real go.

Suggesting he would like that to happen, Scotty then admits: "I would go after her."

Not worried that a relationship could impact his and Megan's friendship, the reality star adds: "If nothing did happen, we will still be good friends."

CBB Scotty T and Megan McKenna
19 January

© Channel 5

Scotty's admission comes after Megan's ex-boyfriend Jordan Davies issued him a warning.

The Ibiza Weekender star told Scott he needs to 'be careful' of Megan as he claims she is only using Scott to further her career - like she did with him.

"Megan used me to get famous and I gave up everything for her," he said. "Then she dumped me. She only cares about herself. Scott should be careful."

His former flame's best friend Chloe Meadows, meanwhile, has shrugged off Jordan's recent claims, insisting he is just 'bitter'. She is all for Megan getting together with Scotty T - revealing he is a much better match for her pal.

"I think Scott is better for Megan than Jordan is. He's more her type. Way more her type," Chloe told Reveal. "He's funnier, he's way more of a cheeky chappy and 100 percent more of a personality..."

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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