CBB's Gemma Collins declares: "Let me be entertained!"

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Celebrity Big Brother star Gemma Collins has hit out at her fellow housemates, claiming they are being paid money to be unentertaining.

Gemma, who has provided viewers with plenty to watch from her bust up with Stephanie Davis to her fallout with Tiffany Pollard, is fed up with some of her housemates and their boring routines.

So much so, that she's declared: "Let me be entertained!"

Gemma Collins rants about her housemates, CBB
19 January

© Channel 5

Gemma's latest rant stemmed from a conversation she was having with Darren Day and Danniella Westbrook.

Darren was explaining to Danniella that Gemma had told him sitting on the fence doesn't work so well when you're starring on shows like CBB, and she agreed: "It's easy to be forgotten on these programmes and blend in."

This prompted Gemma to share her thoughts on how some of her housemates have been acting in the house.

Without naming any names, she said: "No offence... and I always say that when I mean offence. There are some people that have been paid a lot of money here that are doing nothing."

"If I was the producer, I'd be going, 'We've paid someone to get up and cook everyday, let's f****** make our money out of them," she claimed.

Gemma Collins rants about her housemates being boring
19 January

© Channel 5

Gemma continued: "There's some people that get out of their bed, sour f****** puss face every day... they are relying on people like us when this should be a fair forum. Get the ones that wake up with f****** smacked a*ses to entertain us.

"It's the same people entertaining, and yeah I know you get more airtime, but let me be entertained. I know I can entertain everyone in here, morning, noon and night. You'll never hear me going around gossiping, gossiping, gossiping... I go straight to the problem."

"Let the boring people in here pull their finger out and earn their ten pound notes," she concluded. "I could tell you exactly what they are going to do from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed... get them people out of their comfort zones and start earning their money."


Watch the video here.

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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