CBB's Megan and Scotty T kiss and make up with romantic bath?

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Celebrity Big Brother's in-house lovebirds Megan McKenna and Scotty T have enjoyed a romantic bath together...

Or should we say not-so-romantic, thanks to all of Scott's farting. Yup, he couldn't resist despite having a bikini-clad Megan sitting alongside him!

Megan McKenna share a bath with Scotty T, CBB
19 January

© Channel 5

Megan and Scotty had fallen out earlier in the day over bombay potatoes. Since living in the CBB house, Scott has turned chef for his fellow celebrities and while he attempted to make a chicken Jalfrezi for dinner, things got tense between him and Megan when she offered to cook a side dish.

Megan slammed Scott for being "too controlling", after he seemed unimpressed with her idea to contribute to the food. While she claimed he didn't like anyone else trying to help in the kitchen, Scott hit back that Megan wasn't a fan of him giving her an alternative recipe for her bombay potatoes.

The row resulted in Scott leaving the kitchen to lie down, while Megan laughed about how silly their argument was to her housemates.

Trying to make things right between himself and Megan, Scotty later treated his new flame to a bubble bath.

A new video shared on the Channel 5 site shows the pair preparing to share a tub, but rather than seeming smitten, Megan is left holding her nose as Scotty lets more than one go in the water.


Luckily for him, though, it wasn't enough to put Megs off and he still managed to steal a cheeky snog from her.

Megan McKenna and Scotty T kiss in the bath, CBB
19 January

© Channel 5

Watch the video here.

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