CBB: David's departing advice to Jeremy? 'Think with your mind, not your d**k'

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David Gest's departing advice on Celebrity Big Brother was telling housemate Jeremy McConnell: "Don't think with your d**k, think with your mind."

The American music producer took Jez to one side on last night's episode to voice his worries about what will happen if Jeremy continues to flirt with Stephanie Davis, who has a boyfriend in the outside world.

Housemates are well aware of Jeremy and Stephanie's close friendship and the fact they shared a kiss under the bedsheets last week.

CBB Day 11: David warns Jeremy to stay separated from Stephanie

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David tried to give Jeremy some advice, but will he listen?

David told Jeremy: "You don't have to listen to me but I'm talking to you seriously. I'm not joking or being funny and I really, really like you as a friend. This is not the right move for you.

"I don't care what your d**k thinks, think with your mind. She is going with somebody. She's been with him for about a year. She comes in here and she forgets that she has a boyfriend. You're making the biggest wrong choice of your life. She's got somebody and when you have somebody you don't play around."

CBB Day 11: David warns Jeremy to stay separated from Stephanie

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David also spoke about the situation to Big Brother in the Diary Room, saying he felt Stephanie just wasn't thinking clearly.

"Sometimes she needs to see reality and she doesn't see reality. She has to remember she has a boyfriend who she lives with who she has said is the best thing in her life," he said.

"And if you love somebody you don't start hugging or laying down with another person. The drama is really starting to play out. I wish I could speak to Steph and explain to her but you can't explain to her when she's in this mood as she will just go off."

Many viewers took to Twitter to praise David for his advice to Jeremy and say they agreed with him.

David left the show yesterday for medical reasons.

CBB airs at 9pm on Channel 5.