CBB: Stephanie given formal warning for threatening to punch Gemma

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Stephanie Davis has received a formal warning from Big Brother after threatening to punch housemate Gemma Collins.

It all kicked off in the CBB house last night when Gemma called out Stephanie for kissing Jeremy McConnell while having a boyfriend, model Sam Reece, on the outside.

Stephanie lashed back at Gemma in a foul-mouthed rant, calling her a "talentless monster, "diva" and saying nobody liked her.

CBB Day 10: Row erupts between Stephanie and Gemma over Jeremy.

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Stephanie told BB she might punch Gemma if she returned to the house.

After being called to the Diary Room by Big Brother in a bid to calm her down, Stephanie ranted: "If you let me back in that house I will end up doing something I regret, whether that's punching Gemma Collins in the face, which she deserves."

A rep for Big Brother has now confirmed Stephanie was given a warning for that statement.

Stephanie was separated from the housemates for the night to allow her time to calm down. She was placed in a bedroom by herself, but continued to shout at Big Brother for allowing her to "jeopardize her relationship." She also continued to scream insults about Gemma.

The former Hollyoaks actress entered the house in a relationship with model Sam, but has grown close to Irish model housemate Jeremy over the past ten days, leading them to share a kiss under the covers.

Last night's row came when Gemma told Stephanie she was a "disgrace" for kissing another man while having a boyfriend, saying: "What you are doing is wrong is so wrong on so many levels," continued Gemma. "You have a fella, Stephanie. Pull it together. I'm trying to help you. You have a boyfriend. I think you're acting like an absolute disgrace snogging Jeremy and making him look a mug."

Stephanie's not the first housemate to receive a warning this year. Megan McKenna was reprimanded by Big Brother last week following her epic meltdown about John Partridge and Tiffany Pollard, while Tiffany was given a reminder about "appropriate behaviour" for her part in the argument.

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.