CBB's Gemma tells Stephanie she's a "disgrace" for kissing Jeremy

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Gemma Collins has given Stephanie Davis a few home truths in the Celebrity Big Brother house after learning Steph had kissed housemate Jeremy McConnell despite having a boyfriend on the outside.

After hearing that Jeremy confessed to Scotty T about snogging Stephanie under the bed covers, the TOWIE star couldn't help but voice her opinion when she saw Steph and Jeremy snuggling in bed once again.

"It's public knowledge you have already kissed under the covers. It's so wrong what you're doing. You have a boyfriend."

CBB Day 10: Row erupts between Stephanie and Gemma over Jeremy.

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Stephanie, who is dating model Sam Reece, insisted she HADN'T kissed Jeremy, but GC pointed out: "You have told people! Jeremy told Scotty!"

"What you are doing is wrong is so wrong on so many levels," continued Gemma. "You have a fella, Stephanie. Pull it together. I'm trying to help you. You have a boyfriend. I think you're acting like an absolute disgrace snogging Jeremy and making him look a mug."

Stephanie hit back with a string of insults, calling Gemma "talentless" and saying she wasn't a celebrity as she'd come from TOWIE. It all got a bit heated so Big Brother called Stephanie to the Diary Room, leaving GC and the rest of the housemates to assess what had just happened...

Gemma told the others: "Do you know what she should do? I've realised since meeting Jeremy I don't have feelings for Sam. I've fallen in love with someone. I'm the biggest supporter of love and romance and I'm so happy for anyone who falls in love, but you don't kiss another boy when you have a boyfriend because that boy is getting hurt and we've all suffered at the hands of love."

Housemates Megan and Danniella agreed and told Gemma she'd done nothing wrong.

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