CBB: Angie Bowie is dismissed from the room by John Partridge

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Celebrity Big Brother star Angie Bowie was left fuming with John Partridge this morning, after he dismissed her out of the kitchen.

Angie had been speaking with John and claims the EastEnders star shoo'ed her out of the room by waving his arm and telling her to go and get dressed.

Clearly unimpressed, Angie diverted away from the bedroom to join Darren Day and David Gest in the garden to vent her frustration.

Angie Bowie is upset by John Partridge, CBB Day 11
15 January

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"I'll tell you something, you don't dismiss me from a room," she said.

"John Partridge just dismissed me from the room. He said, 'You can get all jazzed up now, can't you?' And gave the arm... I was waved and dismissed from the room."

She added: "Wow. I couldn't believe it."

Darren asked her if she is sure she took his comments the right way, to which Angie admitted she wasn't entirely too sure.

"I have no idea if I took it the right way," she hit back. "Of course, I don't know."

Clearly having no clue what had gone on, Darren tried to diffuse the situation by telling Angie she has a "great barnet."

As for John, he's clashed with Tiffany Pollard and Megan McKenna, upset BFF Darren and now he's outraged Angie too... What's going on?!

Watch the video here.

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