Ferne McCann gives a helpful break down of EXACTLY how TOWIE is filmed

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Anyone who has watched TOWIE must wonder at times just how it is filmed...

And now Ferne McCann has helpfully laid out EXACTLY what happens when the cast turn up to film, during an interview with Pete Snodden and Rebecca McKinney on Northern Ireland's Cool FM.

Thanks, Ferne!

TOWIE's Ferne McCann clears the air with Liam Blackwell.
8 November 2015.


Ferne on the last series.

She explained: "It actually isn't [set up]. I get asked this all the time, it's kind of reality at its best. What they do set up is the locations and who you will be filming with.

"Let's just say, Cool FM, you get your call time and they say, 'Pete, Cool FM, that's your location. Your call time is at 10 o'clock and you don't know who you will be filming with.'

"So you turn up and meet a producer and they say, 'Right this is what's happening, x, y and z, hit those points and let reality play out.'

"You're waiting in the studio and all of a sudden in walks Rebecca and she has the hump and you can tell she has the hump with you. You don't know she's coming in and you just have to play it out."

TOWIE episode to air 8 November 2015
Chloe Lewis and Ferne could be feuding again


Ferne's been on the show since 2013.

When asked if that means she's "permanently on edge", she replied: "Yes! Of course you are! All of a sudden you turn around and your ex-boyfriend walks in and you know he knows you've done something. I normally say something I shouldn't have and put my foot in it, so you're always on edge but it's very fun."

Ferne said she thinks the new series starts filming at the end of February and said no matter how famous the cast get, they can never quite believe it.

"I don't think the novelty will ever wear off and we're all like, how is it still going?! I think it's just one of those shows were everyone fell in love with it and it's a lot of people's guilty pleasures."

Of course, talk also turned to how Ferne's former TOWIE co-star Gemma Collins is doing in the CBB house and what Ferne thought about last night's EPIC row between Tiffany and Gemma, and that Megan rant…

"She's doing really well," said Ferne. "Last night I was shocked and lost for words. I couldn't believe the language coming out of a young male or female, it doesn't matter. It was intense… but it was really entertaining!"

Listen to Ferne's full chat with Cool FM here

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