CBB: Gemma Collins warns Darren Day: "You are getting pushed over by John"

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Celebrity Big Brother housemate Gemma Collins has warned Darren Day to stop "getting pushed over" by John Partridge.

Former TOWIE star Gemma spoke to Darren about his friendship with John after Megan McKenna's foul-mouthed rant and tirade towards John about his behaviour in the house.

CBB: Gemma warns Darren about his friendship with John.
14 January 2016.

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Gemma told Darren: "You need to start getting some f**king bullocks Darren. I know you've got them. You are getting pushed over Darren and it has got to stop."

Speaking later on in the garden, Gemma told Darren: "Megan has done nothing wrong in what she's said this evening. Trust me. Everything she said has been brewing up. Please wake up tomorrow and don't pussyfoot around no one in this house, nobody."

Darren: "What am I supposed to do? Go and have a row with him?"

Gemma: "No, but you ain't a push over Darren, don't act like one."

Gemma's comments came after Megan slammed John in the bedroom, accusing him of playing the game and being two-faced while also calling him "fake and a liar".

CBB Day 9: Megan rants about cleaning and John

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Megan rants about John.

"He stands there and acts like Mr Innocent, he plays the people that he feels threatened by," Megan said before calling him a "nasty piece of sh*t".

Earlier this week, Darren said he was "hurt" after John nominated him for this week's eviction. The whole house was shocked as Darren and John had been close friends, but John said he did it out of love as he noticed Darren had been starting to smoke again and didn't want him to fall back into bad habits.

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