CBB: Megan McKenna given formal warning after second meltdown

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Megan McKenna has been given a formal warning following her major meltdown in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Ex On The Beach star Megan was given strict instructions that if she repeats her behaviour or language, she may be removed from the house for good.

CBB Day 9: Megan rants about cleaning and John

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The warning comes after Megan launched a furious rant against fellow housemate John Partrige which stemmed from a discussion about cleaning the house.

In what was dramatic viewing, Megan, who admitted she had a drink, slammed John after pointing out that she does clean around the house, and told him he should directly speak to Stephanie Davis if he thinks she isn't pulling her weight.

The discussion soon escalated into a foul-mouthed tirade, which got worse when Tiffany Pollard began laughing - something which riled Megan even more as she had been defending Tiffany about her clash with John earlier this week.

Soon enough, housemates were trying to tear Megan and Tiffany apart as Tiffany accused her of "getting up in my face".

Megan was taken to the bathroom, and she continued to launch a foul-mouthed tirade at John. Once in the Diary Room, she kicked off again, with expletives and lots of shouting into the camera.

She said to Big Brother, while also slamming Tiffany: "F**k off Big Brother. Get f**king security then. She's a ghetto c**t."

Security were then called in to calm her down.

On Thursday night's Bit On The Side (14 January), Rylan Clark-Neal explained that Megan was given a formal warning by Big Brother on Thursday morning before later returning to the house.

Big Brother told Megan: "Megan, Big Brother has given you a formal warning. If you repeat this behaviour and language again, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house."

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