Big Brother star Nikki Grahame responds to Megan McKenna's CBB food rant

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Celebrity Big Brother housemate Megan McKenna had a major rant in the Diary Room about lack of food during the latest shopping task.

The Ex On The Beach star had been on basic rations of potato, crackers and spam in her role as a puppet, while the puppet masters were allowed to eat luxury foods.

CBB Day 8: Megan breaks down over food

© Channel 5


This isn't Megan's first rant on the show, but it's been the biggest meltdown of them all so far.

However, her Diary Room antics have led some on social media to compare her to Big Brother legend Nikki Grahame.

Nikki appeared on the seventh series of the civilian Big Brother in 2006, and gained huge popularity thanks to her now iconic Diary Room rants, exaggerated gestures, temper tantrums and epic meltdowns.

Upon seeing the comparisons on Twitter last night, Nikki responded in possibly the funniest way ever: "Who is she."

Of course, "Who is she?" has now become one of Nikki's most iconic phrases. In a massive Diary Room rant, Nikki had slammed fellow housemate Susie for nominating her.

Big Brother: Nikki Grahame's epic "Who is she?" Diary Room rant.

© YouTube / Big Brother UK


Nikki had said in the Diary Room: "Can you let me out? I'm too angry to talk. I'm going to smash someone's head in. Who is she? Who is she? Who is she? Where did you find her? [breathes heavily]. I can feel the venom pouring out of me as I breathe. I hate her, I tell you know. I'm going to find it very difficult to be pleasant to it for the rest of this week. I don't even want to look at it."

Just brilliant. Watch it below:

And check out some other Megan and Nikki comparison tweets below:

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