CBB's Jeremy tells Steph: 'I wouldn't act like you are if I had a girlfriend'

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CBB's Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are going to cool down their cuddles in bed after Jeremy voiced concern about Stephanie having a boyfriend and how the public may be reacting to him.

There have been plenty of headlines about Steph and Jeremy's closeness in the house and how Stephanie's boyfriend Sam Reece may be feeling while watching from home.

CBB Day 9: Stephanie and Jeremy cool down their friendship

© Channel 5

Stephanie chatting to Jeremy in the garden.

In a conversation last night, Jeremy told Stephanie: "No more touching and all that. I'm just done with it. I'll still be there for you but I'm sick of it and I don't want that perception of me.

"I'm bored of the cameras. I know it's a game but I don't want you going out there and having no fella."

CBB Day 9: Stephanie and Jeremy cool down their friendship

© Channel 5

Steph admitted she's worried to leaving to boos.

Stephanie said: "I said I don't want to wait here and be booed and have no one there waiting for me and have to pick myself up again because I'm not strong enough."

She asked Jeremy how he'd react in her situation, but he told her he'd never put himself in that situation. "I wouldn't be doing what you're doing if I was in a relationship. I wouldn't be giving girls hugs and being in bed with them if I had a girlfriend."

Stephanie countered that it's just innocent, but Jeremy said the public may not know that from watching at home. Stephanie insisted this was just her personality and she'd be cuddly and friendly with anyone.

"We will speak when we're out," said Stephanie. "There's loads I want to say but you have to be careful as the cameras are on."

CBB: Stephanie and Jeremy in the house.
11 January 2016

© Channel 5

They've been close in the house.

CBB: Stephanie and Jeremy in the house.
11 January 2016

© Channel 5

They've even snuggled up in bed.

Jeremy said he's worried about coming across an idiot, like he's pressuring Stephanie when she isn't interested. "I go in [the Diary Room] and say something then you go in and say you love your boyfriend and I get it but it's making me look like I'm coming on heavy and I'm not that sort of lad.

"I came in here to get away from that sort of stuff. I do like you, I think you're lovely and a beautiful girl, but you have a fella at the end of the day. When you're saying you don't like me, it looks like I'm being disrespectful."

Earlier this week, there was speculation that Stephanie's boyfriend had publicly dumped her when he posted a tweet withdrawing his support from her on the show. However, he later clarified that he only meant he was coming off Twitter, and that he and Stephanie are still together.

Opening night at Burger and Lobster restaurant in Manchester
Sam Reece and Stephanie Davis


Stephanie and Sam.

Sam Reece issues statement after withdrawing CBB support from Stephanie Davis
12 January 2015

© Twitter / @SamReece

Sam said: "I would like to clarify that Stephanie and I continue to remain a couple irrespective of comments on social media surrounding our relationship saying that I've 'dumped' her as she still remains in the house.

"Monday's comment was me withdrawing my support via social media for the time being. I will be talking to her when she leaves the Big Brother house."

He then added: "I would never end a relationship over text or social media. I want to talk to Steph face to face."

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