Exclusive: Megan McKenna to clash with Gemma Collins in the CBB house?

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Could Megan McKenna and ex-TOWIE star Gemma Collins come to blows on Celebrity Big Brother?

Known for being quite fiery on Ex On The Beach, viewers are yet to see Megan majorly clash with anyone on CBB. While she did have a bit of a fallout with Nancy over a bottle of red wine, Megan was more clearing the air than kicking off.

Her BFF Chloe Meadows has predicted, though, that fireworks are still yet to come from Megan and Gemma could be on the receiving end...

Megan McKenna and her friend Chloe Meadows, Instagram
January 2016

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CBB: Gemma Collins and Danniella Westbrook in the Celebrity Big Brother house.
5 January 2016.

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Admitting she can see Megan and Gemma falling out as CBB goes on, Chloe exclusively told Reveal: "I think Gemma is the sort of person that will rile Megan up."

So far, the G.C and Megan have been getting along well and Gemma has even taken it upon herself to matchmake the Essex beauty and Scotty T. However, it's exactly her interfering that could lead to Megan seeing red.

"If she says the wrong thing or keeps poking like when she was going on about Scott and Megan - Gemma kept going on and on and on - if she keeps doing that and Megan's had a drink, Megan might explode," Chloe explained.

She continued: "If she keeps pushing her and interfering in her business, Megan will be like, 'leave it', but Gemma isn't the sort of person to leave it, is she? If she reacts badly, Megan will definitely pick up on it."

It's not only Gemma that could find herself in a war of words with Megan, as Chloe thinks some of the older housemates could rub her up the wrong way too.

"Maybe Nancy again if she carries on calling Megan 'a child' - that's not going to go down well," Chloe added. "It's so patronising and Megan won't like that at all. Right now, though, I think she hasn't been in there long enough for someone to get on her nerves and really annoy her."

Although, Chloe did point out Scotty T could be an issue...

CBB: Megan McKenna and Scotty T flirting.
12 January 2016.

© Channel 5

Since being in the house together, Megan and Scott have been seen flirting and kissing on camera. Megan revealed to Stephanie Davis that she "really fancies" Scott and was later seen sneakily snogging the Geordie Shore star in the bedroom while the lights were off and their housemates couldn't see.

The pair had fans hopeful for a romance, but a new video from the house shows Megan admitting she and Scott are nothing more than friends. She dismissed their kisses as "flirty banter."

While Megan said she wouldn't care if Scott kissed another person in the house if a new single girl was to come in, Scott said he would mind if Megan did that to him with a new guy.

Chloe joked: "If her and Scott carry on, she might end up having an argument with him!"

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