Katie Price: 'CBB's Stephanie's boyfriend is hot... there are plenty of fish in the sea'

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Katie Price has told Sam Reece there are "plenty more fish in the sea" after he withdrew his support from girlfriend Stephanie Davis following her antics in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The mother-of-five was a guest on today's Loose Women panel when talk turned to model Sam's announcement via Twitter last night that he would no longer be supporting Steph in the CBB house.

Always outspoken, Katie commented: "At the end of the day, her boyfriend is really hot so don't worry about Stephanie. There are plenty of fish in the sea."

Katie Price appearing on ITV's Loose Women, 12 January 2015


Katie as a guest panellist on Loose Women today.

Katie admitted she wasn't surprised by Sam's tweet and said Stephanie's behaviour with Jeremy McConnell in the house had crossed the line. "You wouldn't do it," she said, when asked about flirtations with a housemate while you had a partner on the outside.

She also wondered if Stephanie's tears in the Diary Room last night, where she declared her love for Sam, were real. "She's an actress so she's very good…"

Fellow panellist Ruth Langsford said she wouldn't be happy if it was her husband Eamonn Holmes in the house cosying up to another woman. "I would kill him with my bare hands. But would I dump him by text? That's the question. I personally feel sorry for Sam and don't blame him but now he's dumped her by text. Is that acceptable?"

Katie said: "I have aired my dirty laundry on Twitter and I don't know why, but I don't think before I do things half the time. I always feel because I have got social media and when I do say things, people pick up on them, so I feel like it's final and I have to follow through on it."

Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece at the Belstaff Store Launch - 1 October 2015.

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Sam and Stephanie in October.

CBB: Stephanie and Jeremy in the house.
11 January 2016

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Steph sobbed in the Diary Room while talking about Sam last night.

Model Sam took to Twitter on Monday evening (11 January) to say: "Hi everyone, I will no longer be supporting Stephanie Davis... Thanks for all your support and love you have given me!!"

He later added: "I would like to clarify that Stephanie and I continue to remain a couple irrespective of comments on social media surrounding our relationship saying that I've 'dumped' her as she still remains in the house.

"Monday's comment was me withdrawing my support via social media for the time being. I will be talking to her when she leaves the Big Brother house.

"I would never end a relationship over text or social media. I want to talk to Steph face to face."

Sam's tweet came after the most recent episode of the Channel 5 show saw Stephanie and housemate Jeremy McConnell cuddling up together in bed. He later told her: "You were pissed and frisky. We were having a little cuddle then it was a bit naughty. We were over flirting like…"

Stephanie replied: "We were just having a little laugh."

She then went to the Diary Room where she broke down in tears as she spoke about Sam. "I want Sam. I love him so much, I just want to see him. I don't want to do anything that ruins the one thing that makes me happy. I don't want him to be mugged off on the other side as I know Jeremy likes me. But he's my best friend in here and we have a laugh and cause mischief. But I'm devastated at thinking Sam is sad.

"I haven't done anything but I'm worried in case people say stuff. It's not like that. Just cause Jez fancies me. He keeps looking at me like he's in love with me. Even if Justin Bieber got down on one knee and proposed to me I would say no, I love Sam so much."

CBB: Stephanie and Jeremy in the house.
11 January 2016

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Stephanie and Sam have been getting on well in the house.

CBB: Stephanie and Jeremy in the house.
11 January 2016

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Cuddling in bed.

Jeremy said: "I don't want to look like a little homewrecker and I know she doesn't want to do anything. She's a gorgeous girl, she's sound, she's genuine and we have a laugh. And a bit of a flirt. Of course I flirt with the girl, it would be unnatural if I didn't and I'd be lying if I said I didn't find her attractive.

"It's just constant and I know if I'm in the house any longer it will get worse. My head is messed up. She has everything. She is so funny. I just connect with her and we're pretty similar. I always think you can't make a connection with someone that quick. I'm very standoffish with people but in here, I don't know if it's the circumstances or a proper genuine connection with her.

"I'm a single bloke, if it was in the outside world, if a girl you had emotions for, you could go away from it and say that's wrong and you could go somewhere else but in here, you know it's wrong and you still like her but you're in the same house. They say attraction isn't a choice and that's the end of it.

"It's more than friends, it's obvious."