Exclusive: Rogan O'Connor: "Jordan will be watching CBB with a pillow over his face"

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Ex On The Beach's Rogan O'Connor has said he thinks his co-star Jordan Davies could possibly be left in tears if Megan McKenna does strike up a romance with Scotty T on Celebrity Big Brother.

Ahead of going into the house, Scotty made it quite clear he would probably try it on with Megan, and viewers have been watching the friends grow closer since the show has been airing.

Reports revealed Jordan had warned Scotty T to stay away from his ex-girlfriend prior to CBB starting and now it seems like a romance could be likely, Rogan told Reveal: "I think Jordan is probably watching the show with a pillow over his face."

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3 October

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Celebrity Big Brother - Megan and Scott hug. 6 January 2016.
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"He'll be screaming into every time [Megan and Scotty T] are on the screen together," he added. "I don't think he'll be enjoying it too much."

Telling us he wouldn't be surprised if Megan and Scotty did end up locking lips, the reality star said: "When you're in a house like that and there isn't a lot to do apart from flirt and have fun, I wouldn't be surprised if something does happen there. Scotty is a good-looking geezer and he's a lot of fun. I think that's what Megan goes for because the same could be said about Jordan and me."

"Scotty knows what he's doing when it comes to women, so it wouldn't be too much of a shock to anyone if he manages to work his charm," he claimed.

Rogan continued: "I don't think I'd be able to watch it, I think [Jordan will] be in tears... but that's to say something happens. Nothing has happened yet, so you never know, she might reveal her love for Jordan and he'll be waiting for her when she gets voted out for kicking off."

Hinting at Megan's fiery side, Rogan teased explosive things are bound to come from his pal.

Referring to *that* huge row Megan had with her Ex On The Beach co-stars over ham and cheese on the show, he said: "The thing is with Megan - she's a really nice girl and we get on so well, but as soon as the booze comes out, she's then kicking off about some ham and cheese... I wouldn't give it too long before she's taking someone's head off."

"People love to hate her, she's TV gold at the end of the day," Rogan insisted. "Even if you don't particularly like her, you'll enjoy watching her. She's hilarious and she'll kick off about anything. People love a crazy person."

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7 October

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Rogan's comments come after it was recently reported Jordan had told Scotty T things could get 'explosive' between them if he does make a move on Megan.

A friend of the Ibiza Weekender star had said: "Jordan has the same behind-the-scenes team as Scott and told them to make sure he knows how explosive things could get if he goes near Megan. He may have had a little word with Scott in person too, but would have passed it off as a joke. In reality, he's deadly serious."

Since then, Jordan has hit out at his ex, branding Megan "fame hungry" and telling his Twitter followers he is "glad to be rid of her."

Speaking to The Sun recently, Jordan slammed Megan for being a "nasty piece of work." Hinting the couple's split wasn't as amicable as Megan had initially made out, Jordan revealed the starlet had 'deceived him' and broke off their relationship to appear on CBB.

"All she cared about was her career and being famous," he said.

A rep for Megan, however, has hit back at Jordan's claims, insisting they are "malicious lies". They said: "Megan ended the relationship for numerous reasons, not least because her ex is a consummate storyteller and was obviously more interested in the idea of fame than being a real man.

"As Megan now cannot respond directly to what are simply malicious lies I feel I must set the record straight both for Megan's integrity and that of CBB. This is a desperate publicity seeking exercise on his part."

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