CBB: Stephanie Davis has a morning cuddle with Jeremy McConnell

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Stephanie Davis enjoyed a morning cuddle with fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell in the Celebrity Big Brother house today.

With it now being day four in the house, the former Hollyoaks actress and Irish model have struck up a good friendship in the house.

Shared via the Big Brother live Twitter feed, the caption read: "9.57am: Stephanie and Jeremy are having a lazy morning."

The photo comes after Steph confided in Danniella Westbrook last night that she was worried her long-term boyfriend Sam Reece would feel "mugged off" about her bond with Jeremy.

As shown on Bit On The Side on Thursday night (7 January), Jeremy told Stephanie in the bedroom: "I think I'm in love with you, honestly. It's weird."

Laughing it off, Steph said: "Shut up! You're not."

Asking her for a hug, Jeremy then proceeded to pull Steph in and pretended to kiss her neck, saying: "You better get away before I start fancying you more."

CBB: Stephanie and Jeremy in the bedroom. (Shown on Bit On The Side).
8 January 2016.

© Channel 5

Later on, as they sat together on the bed, Jeremy had his arms around Stephanie and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She pulled away, saying: "No! You're going to get me in trouble."

Jeremy replied: "I know."

Stephanie added: "You've got to stop. Honest to god, if I went out and he [Sam] weren't there, I'd die. You'd laugh and then I'd be heartbroken."

CBB: Stephanie and Jeremy in the bedroom. (Shown on Bit On The Side).
8 January 2016.

© Channel 5

However, later in the garden, Steph confided in Danniella about how her friendship with Jeremy may come across.

"I think it's like, I just don't want to be disrespected because of Jeremy and that. I can't say it's too far and I hope it's not and I don't want my boyfriend to feel mugged off at all. I'm missing affection too, I'm needing that cuddle too, so I'm wanting hugs off everyone. it's nice when he gives me a hug."

Steph said Jeremy knows she is happy and in love with Sam, and Danniella said Steph hasn't done anything wrong but should maybe have a word with Jeremy.

Steph added: "I need Jezza as well, I need him, like, he's my pal. [I didn't know him outside] we've just clicked."

CBB: Stephanie confides in Danniella. (Shown on Bit On The Side).
8 January 2016.

© Channel 5

On her first day of entering the house, Steph said she was firmly off the market, telling Scotty T: "I'm nearly happily married! Practically... nearly."

She also said about Sam before entering the house: "When I said goodbye to him, it was like someone died. Even if I go for a poo, we speak to each other – there are no boundaries... I love him to bits, he's been my rock."

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