CBB's Gemma Collins rebels after snorers keep her awake all night

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CBB star Gemma Collins is already rebelling against Big Brother, thanks to a couple of snorers keeping her awake at night.

The former TOWIE star was not a happy bunny after getting no sleep for the second night in a row, thanks to her housemates and their loud snoring.

Chatting to Jonathan Cheban this morning, Gemma soon found herself being told off by Big Brother for not wearing her microphone. While they demanded she put it back on, the G.C had other ideas...

Gemma Collins moans to Big Brother about housemates snoring, CBB
7 January 2016

© Channel 5

Instead, Gemma made her new pal Jonathan laugh by rebelling against Big Brother and insisiting she wasn't going to 'perform'.

When BB persisted, Gemma defiantly replied: "No. I told you I am not performing today."

In a new video posted by Channel 5, she then picked up her microphone and had it out with Big Brother...

"Right, listen," she demanded. "Big Brother, I know you'll find this highly entertaining - and I want to give you pure entertainment morning, noon at night because I am actually loving this situation - but if you look back on your cameras... two nights now, probably one or two hours sleep."

Explaining she knows it's not her housemates fault for snoring, Gemma added: "It's life, people snore. Please, I'm begging you. I can't go another night with this. It's not their fault, but I struggle sleeping anyway."

"Darren Day has had to sit opposite me in the bed and see Godzilla this morning," she continued. "This is not on. If you want to keep me being highly entertaining... don't think I'm being a diva, but literally I just need one night away from the snorers. Please. Seriously begging. What went on last night was obscene."

Gemma Collins wants to set Scotty T and Megan McKenna up, CBB

© Channel 5

Oh, Gemma!

The reality star has already kept us highly entertained since entering the house on Tuesday night. We loved when she gave Tiffany Pollard the shoes (straight from her feet!) as a birthday present and it was pretty funny when she was playing matchmaker with Scotty T and Megan McKenna.

Scotty had confessed to Gemma that he wanted to kiss Megan, so, naturally, she said she would set them up. Two seconds later she was right by Megan's side, telling the Ex On The Beach star Scotty has the hots for her.

Well she does love love and romance!

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

Watch the video here.

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