Exclusive: Austin Armacost's Celebrity Big Brother blog: "Is Gemma vicariously living through Megan?"

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Austin Armacost - CBB final series 16 - 25 September 2015.

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Series 16 runner-up Austin Armacost blogs the new series of Celebrity Big Brother exclusively for Reveal.

AWW! Just taking a look at that 'ManTub' brings back some amazing memories. The house transformation looks incredible… Well, it will once the boxes are removed.

After the first night in the house, I am sure the housemates are still buzzing with excitement. But as I adapt to the new season as a viewer and not a contestant, I am starting to realise a couple things. Although I was in there with a few good looking people, that does absolutely NOTHING after about five minutes and already I am not impressed with the"fitties".

Being a stunning male model, Jeremy should maybe just stick to what he does best… Being a human colouring book. At least if he is sh*t in bed, they will have something interesting to look at. I thought my Christmas tree came walking out at one point but I know I put it in the skip! Did he play a role in that anti-ASBO advert I recently saw about graffiti? He seems like a fun guy and I would go for a drink with him, but as far as making entertaining television…I'm still not sure.

Celebrity Big Brother Launch - Jeremy McConnell
Broadcast on Channel 5

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I'm still not sure about Jeremy (left).

Is Megan already throwing some shade or does she genuinely not know who anybody is? Does she think that anybody knows her? Although, to be fair, I knew nearly my entire cast where as I hardly know any of these lot.

After being in this country for so long and seeming to forget what the American accent sounds like, it's not nice to hear several of them all together. I hope my accent wasn't as annoying as what I am hearing. Maybe that is why my voice slid in and out of my Yorkshire twang.

Celebrity Big Brother - Megan in the living room. 6 January 2016.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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Has Megan really got no idea who the other housemates are?

"The only chance of hooking up is between Megan, Scott, and Jeremy." Oh boy oh boy, so who will get to Megan first? I reckon with Scotty's reputation, he will be the first to the promise land. Aww bless Scotty, he seems a bit nervous around all that, dare I say maturity, intelligence, and knowledge. He is starting to grow on me now. Just don't talk about your knob again mate.

So not only is homophobic housemate Vincent in a leopard print jacket, but he is now calling himself an "extraordinary man". Okay UK, please get his ass out. He is delusional. I mean how did he make it in? And no pal, Nancy is not feeling you so please back up. Nancy, just holler (SECURITY) into your microphone darling.

Celebrity Big Brother - Winston and Nancy in the living room. 6 January 2016.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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Winston is delusional.

Celebrity Big Brother - John and Darren in the box. 6 January 2016.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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John and Darren will go crazy in there!

John and Darren seem to already be going stir crazy in that box. This is not a good indicator of the weeks ahead.

In a house that thrives on drama, it is small moments like giving someone a pair of shoes for their birthday that really shows a nice human spirit. Maybe next year "Jenna" will get you another pair. Speaking of Tiffany, she really has her thumb on the pulse. I think she will make a great competitor. Remember folks, it is a game after all.

Celebrity Big Brother - Tiffany in the Diary Room. 6 January 2016.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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Tiffany will make great viewing!

I thought it this was Celebrity Big Brother, then suddenly there are three young girls talking about which one of the guys is getting a sh*g. Although I had sexual tension (Stevie and Chloe) during my season, this is too much! Stephanie seems really eager to hook one of the boys up with Megan.

Daniella is sending herself to the box? Wow, I don't recall as much selflessness when I was in that house. What did they put in the water this series?

Celebrity Big Brother - Danniella Westbrook enters the box. 6 January 2016.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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Danniella nominated herself!

There we go, somebody already throwing out the LOVE word. Although, to be fair, Gemma seems like she is full of love so it might be genuine.

I am going to relate the CBB house (at least the first couple of nights) to a first date: do not discuss religion, exes, or politics. To my relief though, they all seem extremely bored by Winston so he decided not to continue. I remember the lights being bright but not bright enough for sunglasses Winston. Hopefully they are prescription. I don't think the future is that bright for you pal... #GetWinstonOUT.

Jonathan, is it that you don't like the conversation? Or is it that you aren't intelligent enough to carry one on yourself?

Celebrity Big Brother - TIffany and Jonathan in the garden. 6 January 2016.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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Jonathan told Tiffany he can't pretend to fake a conversation and would walk away if he were uninterested

And GOOD FOR YOU MEGAN, don't crawl into bed with Scotty on night one, wait until night two! He is absolutely foaming at the mouth to get her into bed. I can practically smell the testosterone coming through the television. Hopefully they have provided condoms like they did my series.

Celebrity Big Brother - Megan and Gemma in the bedroom.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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Gemma's been playing matchmaker!

Celebrity Big Brother - Megan and Scott in the bedroom. 6 January 2016.
Broadcast on Channel 5

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Will there be romance for Scotty and Megan?

Celebrity Big Brother OR Celebrity Rehab? Without even knowing Danniella, I would like to tip my hat to her. This could be a great platform for her to highlight what happens when you're consumed by things like drugs and alcohol. Sharing your story always helps others!

Also, is Gemma vicariously living through Megan? HA HA, just hand her a bow and arrow.

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