TOWIE star Lydia Bright: "Juice diets made me pass out"

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Lydia Bright was voted Best Bikini Body in 2014 by Reveal readers, but admits she still struggles with body confidence.

She's taken part in two triathlons, trekked to Machu Picchu for breast cancer charity CoppaFeel and promotes an all-round healthy lifestyle, but it hasn't always been this way for the TOWIE star.

Lydia Bright, London, December 2015

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"I once fainted on the train on the way home from work," says Lydia. "I was doing powdered porridges, juices and shakes. It was horrific. I do cut down on carbs just before I go away but I don't do crazy fad diets anymore."

The 25-year-old now steers clear of extreme dieting and is lucky to have her mum, Debbie Douglas, to support her. Debbie, 52, once worked in the fashion industry and understands the pressures on Lydia to achieve an unattainable figure.

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The mum and daughter duo do everything together from travelling the world, to working out and keeping themselves motivated with regular Zumba classes.

"You have to like yourself and keep telling yourself how beautiful you are," says Debbie. "In the end you don't want to look like anyone else. It's really hard but you can get there."

Lydia believes it's all about having positive role models: "I could never get a body like Kim Kardashian West; it's just not in my make up. It's important to choose the right people as your body inspirations."

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