Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan has advice for co-stars Charlotte and Gary

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Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has shared some advice for her co-stars Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle, after their numerous PDAs lately.

While Charlotte recently denied she and Gaz are dating despite all the smooches and hand holding, there is definitely something going on between the pair. Fans are excited to the prospect of a 'Chaz' relationship actually becoming an official thing, but Holly has warned her pals to keep any romance for the show and not reality.

In her mind, Charlotte and Gary should definitely not mix the two...

Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby seen snogging each others faces off outside DSTRKT nightclub at 3am
10 Dec 2015


Opening up to Daily Star Online recently, Holly said: "I feel as though Charlotte and Gary have been through so much, but they've never actually tried to do anything outside of the show.

"I've said to them in my opinion to leave it to the show because, when they go in there it's all fresh, it's all exciting its all fun and if you start to mix reality TV with actual reality, it starts to then not become fun."

She of all people would know, as Holly previously dated her co-star Kyle Christie. The pair struck up a romance while living together in the Geordie Shore house and feelings soon developed on the outside. So much so, that the pair officially became a couple, but while things were great when they weren't filming, the show began to put strain on their relationship.

Kyle and Holly actually split during Geordie Shore's eleventh series. Viewers recently watched Kyle end things with Holly, after growing tired of their constant arguing.

And trying to get over an ex while living with them proved to be difficult, especially as Holly had to see Kyle kissing another girl and bringing others back to the house after nights out.

Not surprisingly, it didn't go down too well with her and her constant tears and fallouts with Kyle led the group to give the ex couple an ulitmatum, with Kyle eventually leaving the series and later on the show.

Despite rekindling things when Holly returned from Greece, Kyle and Holly split for a second time with Holly admitting to Reveal recently she and him are constantly "going round in circles" when it comes to their relationship.

Kyle Christie splits with Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore Series 11, Episode 4
10 November


Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie's constant rowing causes a divide in Geordie Shore, Series 11, Episode 6 preview, 23rd November 2015


Warning Charlotte and Gary that things could turn sour between them two, Holly added to the Daily Star: "It starts to become really difficult and you kind of lose that spark when you're on the telly. It starts to get how Kyle and I got with the arguments, with things getting too much."

"If you leave it light hearted and fun, yeah you might kick off every now and again if he sleeps with a girl but it isn't too bad because you haven't got in too deep," she explained. "That is the best place to keep it."

Her comments come after she caught Charlotte and Gary kissing on her Snapchat during a night out.

At the time, Charlotte had been dating Love Island star Max Morley and he hit out at the reality star for running back to her co-star ex.

Max also accused Charlotte of being jealous of Vicky Pattison, claiming her kiss with Gary was a publicity stunt to steal attention away from Vicky's I'm A Celebrity win.

Charlotte has since denied his claims, but Holly insists Max wasn't being unfair for hitting out at her.

She told us: "He was obviously really hurting her and really liked her. At the end of the day, though, Charlotte technically was single. So there isn't really much that he can do, but if the shoe was on the other foot, she would be upset."

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