Exclusive: Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke: "Richard is holding out for Stephanie"

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Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke has said he thinks his BFF Richard Dinan is still holding out for Stephanie Pratt.

Fans of the show will remember Richard had asked Stephanie out on a date and had taken her to work with him to show off his robots. He endearingly had one machine hand Stephanie a rose and when she then gave Richard a quick kiss, viewers began to think we could have had a new romance on our hands, however.

Stephanie later revealed she wasn't ready to date again, after her split with ex-beau Josh Shepherd, telling Richard she was still adjusting to single life. But despite her nipping their romance in the bud pretty quickly, Ollie has told Reveal Richard isn't giving up on the blonde-haired beauty just yet...

Ollie Locke and Richard Dinan star in Made In Chelsea's brand new trailer for series 10 - 29 September 2015.

© YouTube / Made In Chelsea

While Richard may have had his sights set on Stephanie, Georgia Toffolo (aka Toff) had her eye firmly on him and it was just the cutest thing seeing her ask her co-star out for a drink.

We were all rooting for her as she built herself up to ask him out, but sadly Richard had other ideas and told her no.

When we asked Ollie why Richard wouldn't give her a shot, the reality star exclusively told us: "Richard's quite particular with his dating. He's wonderful, he's one of my favourite people on the planet, but he's very particular and I think he is still hung up on Steph Pratt if I'm honest."

"I think he is going to keep that open," he added.

Oh, Toff!

Stephanie Pratt and Richard Dinan Made In Chelsea
3 November

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Stephanie and Richard were spotted flirting at Ollie Locke's dinner party.

Georgia Toffolo and Richard Dinan, Made In Chelsea
1 December

© E4/Supplied by Wenn

Richard said no to going out with Toff.

Following Richard's date with Stephanie, she later revealed that around the same time she had found out her ex Josh had cheated on her.

Stephanie and Josh had been dating for over six months and were talking about getting engaged, before they split at the beginning of Made In Chelsea's LA series over summer.

However, it wasn't until after their break up that Stephanie learned he had been unfaithful. She told us last month: "Lucy told me. She said 'do you want to know something?" and my stomach dropped. According to her, he had been bragging that he had cheated on me without getting caught. I was so upset when I found out but at least now I know why he dumped me so suddenly during our summer filming in LA."

Explaining the revelation had put her off men for a while, Stephanie added: "Richard was different. He's so sweet. But around the time of our first date, I discovered Josh had cheated on me and that ruined the mood. I just needed a break from men."

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