Ferne McCann "shocked" over Charlie Sims story about Vicky Pattison feud

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TOWIE star Ferne McCann has said she was "shocked" to discover her ex-boyfriend Charlie Sims had spoken out about his past date with Vicky Pattison and the girls' apparent feud.

Last month, Ferne entered the jungle for I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! alongside Vicky as a late arrival, and all eyes were on the duo to see if a fallout would occur.

Ferne McCann outside ITV Studios - 18 December 2015.

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Ferne came in third place on I'm A Celebrity.

It all dates back to August 2013, when Vicky went on a date with Ferne's ex-Charlie, only for Ferne to later accuse Vicky of sleeping with him.

While the girls were in the jungle, Charlie gave an interview, claiming he and Vicky shared more than just a kiss (although Vicky has never confirmed this) and he said Ferne would "kick off" once she confronts Vicky about what really happened.

Now, Ferne has told The Mirror: "I've spoken to him and I don't hold grudges. I haven't even read it, but apparently he said he was surprised we hadn't spoken about it.

"Why would I speak about it? It was irrelevant. Why would I let it get in the way of mine and Vic's amazing friendship? How awkward."

Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattison take a selfie at Brisbane airport
8 Dec 2015

© Instagram / @fernemccann

Ferne and Vicky were the best of friends in the jungle - and they've remained firm friends on the outside too.

While Ferne was in the jungle, former TOWIE star Charlie said in an interview with the Sunday People that "there was more to what happened with us [Vicky] than just the kiss she spoke about."

He said he expected Ferne to confront Vicky in the jungle: "Watching them both share the jungle shower is definitely a bit strange. I keep expecting Ferne to ask Vicky what really happened with me and her.

"Knowing her, she'll be desperate to ask but unless it's been edited out it will only be a matter of time before she brings it up and she will kick off."

Ferne McCann and Charlie Sims. The Only Way Is Essex' stars at Evoke Nightclub in Chelmsford, Essex, 14 February 2015


Ferne and ex-boyfriend Charlie.

However, as viewers saw, the question never came up on camera, and Ferne and Vicky actually left the jungle as the best of friends.

Even Vicky was surprised to be friends with Ferne, having said before entering the jungle: "I feel as if she's [Ferne's] quite bitter and I don't want any negativity in the camp. I just feel like every time I see her on the telly she is whinging about something or having a go at someone."

The girls were inseparable in camp, with Ferne telling Vicky after just a few days: "I get on with everyone but it's still nice to have your best buddies in here, I get on with George but you are my number one."

Meanwhile, Vicky told her: "I was dreading coming in here with you, Ferne, because we have some mutual friends and I thought if you are anything like them you'd be sound but I couldn't help but think what if you are really aggy because every time I've seen you on the telly you are so aggy but I spoke to my nan and mum and everyone thought we'd get on like a house on fire."

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