TOWIE's Nanny Pat dies, aged 80

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TOWIE star Nanny Pat has sadly passed away aged 80.

The reality star, who recently celebrated her 80th birthday on the show, has died following a short illness - a rep for the Wright family has confirmed.

The Only Way is Essex's Nanny Pat has her portrait taken before her 80th birthday party, held with a royal theme - 06 Nov 2015.

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The sudden and sad news of her person was announced earlier today, in a statement given on behalf of the Wright and Brooker family.

It read: "Sadly our amazing, courageous and beautiful Nanny Pat passed away this morning after a short illness.

"We are overwhelmed by sadness, and the whole family ask for privacy at this horrible time."

Nanny Pat - real name Patricia Brooker - appeared in The Only Way Is Essex since the first series. She was famous for her sausage plaits and dishing out advice to the show's young stars, including her grandchildren Jessica and Mark Wright.

Despite becoming a household name on the ITVBe reality show, Nanny Pat insisted her new found fame in recent years hadn't phased her.

"I just get on with it," she said in an interview with Good Morning Britain. "People say how do you feel that you're a star, and I go 'I'm no different to anybody else'. I don't take much notice of it."

The beloved grandmother also wrote a memoir called Penny Sweets and Cobbled Streets, released in 2012, which charted her difficult childhood that included living through World War II and losing her mother at a young age. She went onto marry her late husband Charlie and paid a touching tribute to him while filming for the finale of TOWIE's sixteenth series, last month.

She was thrown a Royal-themed ball for her 80th birthday celebrations and addressing her co-stars Nanny Pat had said: "I want to say a big thank you to sharing this special birthday. You only live once."

Adding adorably: "What is it, yoyo? Thank you very much, thank you."

Over the years she has given us many memorable moments on The Only Way Is Essex from her rapping skills to her array of fancy dress outfits and words of wisdom when it came to dishing out advice.

Here's a few of our favourites....

Nanny Pat's rap

When asked if she knew what rapping is, Nanny Pat replied: "It's when they sing and talk at the same time."

She then proceeded to do her own wrap for granddaughter Jess, which went like this: "I went to get a pint of milk and I was wearing silk."

Nanny Pat rapping on TOWIE

© YouTube

Nanny Pat learning to swim

Mark took Nanny Pat to teach her how to swim and she couldn't have looked cuter in her floral swimming hat. She really didn't want to let go of that side, did she?

Nanny Pat is taught how to swim by Mark Wright, TOWIE

© YouTube

Nanny Pat the doting granddmother

Her love and support for Jess and Mark was undeniable on the show and everyone loved those heart-warming moments where Nanny Pat doted on her family. Who can forget how happy she was when Jess revealed her girlband had been given the green light to record a song?

Or the time she wanted to don her boxing shorts and hold a banner ring side to support Mark when he fought against Kirk Norcross?

What. A. Cutie.

Nanny Pat's makeover by Amy Childs

Asked by Amy what she's hoping for, Nanny Pat cheekily replied: "Something like.. when I'm 18."

And, though, Amy couldn't exactly do that, her efforts won over Nanny Pat who quipped if she had known how good her co-star's beauty skills were she would have had her hair done too.

Nanny Pat's makeover by Amy Childs

© YouTube

Nanny Pat's critique of sausage rolls

Tucking into a buffet with Jess, Nanny Pat gave a shrug and revealed the sausage rolls on offer were nothing like her sausage plaits: "They're all cold!"

Nanny Pat trialling sausage rolls on TOWIE

© YouTube

Nanny Pat's flirting

She really took a liking to Pete Wicks, remember? He laid on the charms when he met Nanny Pat, calling her Jess' sister, and that went down a treat. Nanny Pat asked Jess how she met this "handsome fella", before telling Pete he smells nice.

Oh, and who can forget her zooming about on that mobility scooter of her's. Move over, Lewis Hamilton!

Nanny Pat's advice for Arg in the bedroom

Yes, she even dished out sex advice and who can forget Nanny Pat telling Arg to be careful once he's had a few too many drinks at Christmas time. She told him: "Behave yourself. Because a good snog leads to other things. Not on the first night. Just be careful."

TOWIE Essexmas: series seven
Nanny Pat

© ITV / Dailymotion

Nanny Pat's adorable fancy dress

We give you the pumpkin, the lobster, the skeleton and the Christmas tree...

Nanny Pat as a pumpkin, Twitter

© Twitter

TOWIE: Bobby Norris and Gemma Collins talks to Nanny Pat and Carol Wright at Arg's party
Aired: 13 March 2014.


Nanny Pat as a skeleton, TOWIE

© Twitter / @OnlyWayIsEssex

Nanny Pat as a Christmas tree, TOWIE

© Twitter

She will be missed.

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