Emma Willis on CBB: 'This is one of the strongest lineups ever'

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"It's one of the strongest series yet."

Emma Willis has been getting Celebrity Big Brother fans all excited by saying the new lineup of famous faces is one of the best of the show has ever seen.

That's some statement considering past contestants have included the headline-hogging Perez Hilton, Farrah Abraham and Speidi, not to mention big names like Katie Hopkins and Katie Price!

Emma Willis at the second Celebrity Big Brother eviction
8 September 2015

© Channel 5

Speaking ahead of the new series starting, she said of the lineup: "I was extremely pleased. I do think this is one of the strongest we've ever had. When we had Lee Ryan and Jim Davidson, everyone said, 'This is the peak, it can't get better than this'. But they just keep matching it or doing even better with every series.

"They are so fantastic at getting the right types of people. There are a couple in there that I was so excited about, purely because of my own love of them in the past. Aside from people you may have loved in the past, there are just some great characters who I think will give TV gold."

Emma admitted that she tries to avoid finding out who is entering the famous house until launch night but her curiosity always got the better of her.

"In the past I've always tried not to know them, and stay away," she confessed. "But because they cast it so brilliantly, my nosiness does get the better of me and I try to do a bit of digging. UK versus USA was so brilliant, that this year I thought, 'Come on, what have you got for us this time?' I couldn't resist asking."

We wouldn't be able to resist either!

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch, Tuesday 5th January at 9pm on Channel 5