Exclusive: TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong clears up Lockie's "off the market" tweet

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TOWIE's James 'Lockie' Lock got everyone thinking that he and ex-girlfriend Danielle Armstrong were back together when he revealed he was "off the market"...

Only now, Danni has cleared up the rumours and tells us that she isn't back with Lockie after all, despite fans thinking the pair had reunited!

TOWIE episode to air 25 October 2015
Lockie and Danielle


Lockie tweeted last week: "To end rumours! Yes I'm no longer on the app Temptr and yes I'm off the market.."

Setting the record straight, Danni tells Reveal: "He got asked to do a tweet. He rang me and when we split he got offered a dating thing, and I said 'Yeah, go for it'.

"I think they asked him to say he's found someone and is now off the market, but I have to be honest - I mean, he might have found someone - but it's not me!"

Well, we're glad that's cleared up then!

The Christmas special sees Danni and Lockie have another heart-to-heart about where their relationship is heading. Lockie actually surprises her in Scotland as she enjoys a getaway with the gang, but will they be able to come to a resolution once and for all?

Danni tells us: "It's always emotional with me and James. I don't ever cry apart from when it's me and James. There's just something about him that makes me want to cry all the time.

"There's so much that's happened between me and him over the last three years that it's just very emotional. He opened up to me quite a lot in Scotland and I'm never used to that. It was nice to hear him open up a bit because he never tells me how he feels. He tells Bobby Norris and Pete Wicks how he feels, but he never tells me, so it was nice to hear that for once."

The Only Way Is Essexmas airs Wednesday 16 December at 10pm on ITVBe.

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