Gary Beadle gets love inspiration from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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Gary Beadle reckons he's worked out the key to a lasting romance - just follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!

During a chat with MTV, Gary revealed that after all those years of tashing on with different girls, he's picked up some wisdom about what makes a relationship work.

Gary Beadle accepts Charlotte Crosby's marriage bet
9 December


According to Gaz, the key to a successful romance is all about finding someone who's 'on the same level' as you, someone who can understand the demands of your day job and knows where you want to be.

Hmm, is Gaz making a subtle reference to Charlotte Crosby, who he's been enjoying private dinners with and passionately kissed on a night out? Well...he admits he could be!

Summarising what he's learnt from years of dedicated dating, Gary explained that you need look no further than Hollywood for the answers.

He said: "You kind of need someone on the same level. I kind of understand now why Kanye West got together with Kim Kardashian, or why Brad Pitt is with Angelina Jolie.

"If you're on that same level, you understand the work and what you're doing."

Gaz plans on taking this Kanye and Kim inspiration into his own life, he revealed: "So I think, if I was going to get with anyone, I'd try and find someone on the same level, and no, that does not mean Charlotte…but it could mean Charlotte.

"Do you know what I mean? When it's someone on the same level, it's easy."

Gaz's latest admission is only going to fuel speculation that he's rekindled his on/off romance with his fellow Geordie Shore star Charlotte, who has also recently found herself single after Holly Hagan shared evidence that Gaz and Char kissed on a night out.

Char was previously dating Love Island's Max Morley, but after he heard about Char's antics he was quick to insist the relationship was over, and branded Char 'a mug' for reuniting with her former flame.

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