Gary Beadle reveals what's actually going on with Charlotte Crosby

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Gary Beadle has revealed he's been spending time alone with Charlotte Crosby away from the Geordie Shore house, and admitted one dinner they had together 'felt like a first date!'

As if the marriage bet and Snapchat kiss wasn't enough to keep the 'Chaz' dream alive, now Gary has gone and hinted the pair are dating.

Gary Beadle reveals what's happening with him and Charlotte Crosby - 9 December 2015


Although the duo are practically joined at the hip inside the Geordie Shore house, for the first time ever Gaz and Char are spending time together off screen, and things are 'going very well' apparently.

Charlotte was dating Love Island's Max Morley, but after Gaz and Char were caught having a smooch on Snapchat, Max apparently insisted things were over between them.

In an interview with MTV, Gary explained that when he found himself single once more at the end of filming for series 12, he and Charlotte decided to finally 'do a few little things' off camera, like go for dinner.

Gary told MTV: "At the end of the series I was single, so I said to her let's just do a few little things, like once a week go for coffee.

"It was so weird, we had food the other day and we were just sitting there, with no cameras around. I was nervous about it, it felt like a first date."

He continued: "It was so weird, because we've lived our lives on camera, we're that sick of each other after filming that we don't see each other until the next series.

"But this time round we're actually spending time with each other outside the house, and it's actually going really well. It's nice to see her in a normal environment. So yeah, it's going quite well."

Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby reminisce on their relationship over the years on MTV, 24th November 2015


Drunken kisses are one thing, but this whole regularly meeting up part sounds a bit like dating to us, anyone else getting that vibe?

Gary also revealed that (to absolutely no-one's surprise) he just can't seem to escape fans of Geordie Shore encouraging him to get together with Char and give us all a fairytale ending.

He explained: "With me and Charlotte, there's not pressure [to get together] but a lot of people have watched Geordie Shore for the past five years and they're saying 'just get together!'

"I get tweets about it every day, I could be in a lift and a businesswoman will get in and say 'so how are you and Charlotte?'"

Reckon all the constant nagging from fans has finally paid off? It certainly sounds hopeful to us....

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