Charlotte Crosby places a bet to tie the knot with Gary Beadle!

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Could a Geordie Shore wedding be on the horizon?! Charlotte Crosby has placed a bet with Gary Beadle - and if she wins the two of them will tie the knot in Vegas!

In her latest YouTube video, Charlotte revealed she had an unusual and potentially life changing bet for Gaz, and the outcome all rides on a football match...

Charlotte Crosby places a bet with Gary Beadle telling him - If Sunderland win the next Derby match, you have to marry me Gary! - 7th December 2015

© YouTube/Charlotte Letitia Crosby

Geordie Shore viewers will already know that the relationship between Char and Gaz is a bit of a roller-coaster, but it's not just nights out and romances that cause friction between them.

Charlotte explained that the two housemates clash over sport too, as they both support rival football teams. Char backs her hometown of Sunderland while Gaz supports Newcastle, obviously. This rivalry peaks each year, during the annual derby match.

To make the next match a bit more exciting, Charlotte has placed a bet with Gary that if her team win next time round, as they have for the past six years, he would have to jump on a plane to Las Vegas and tie the knot with her, but if Gaz's team are victorious, Charlotte would get tattooed with his name.

Before Gary had been informed that he was part this dramatic bet, Char told her fans all about it, saying: "Gary, if Sunderland win the next derby match, which is next year, you have to fly to Vegas the very next day and marry us.

"In a little chapel, maybe by Elvis. I will officially be Charlotte Beadle." The name does have a nice ring to it, right?!

She continued: "However, if Newcastle are to win this game, I will get a tattoo of your name, wherever you would like it, on my body.

"Game on Beadle."

Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby reminisce on their relationship over the years on MTV, 24th November 2015


Naturally Char's announcement caused a frenzy on Twitter, with longtime Geordie Shore fans getting excited about the potential wedding of the year (or century), and it wasn't long until the news reached Gaz!

His reply? Well it wasn't an outright no! He told Char over Twitter: "haha interesting bet.... You will have your reply later..."

Loving Char's bet and hoping Sunderland win the derby next year? We've never been so excited for a football match, that's for sure.

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