I'm A Celebrity highlights: Reveal's Top 15 best bits from the series!

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We're beyond devastated that I'm A Celebrity is all over for another year – even if it meant we basically shunned every night out the past three weeks and instead stayed glued to our sofa.

What will we do every evening now without Lady C, Ferne, Vicky and co. to keep us entertained / grossed out / informed and all of the rest?

Well, tonight we can totally just relive all the best bits from a series that was pretty much jampacked with headline making antics, amazing trials and general awesomesness. So many great things to choose from… so, did your favourite make our list of the Top 15 moments from I'm A Celebrity 2015?

1. Eubank Style Walking

Who needs regular walking when you can do a Eubank and shimmy backwards? Chris showed us his neat trick while out in the depths of the jungle with Vicky, saying he'd honed his skill over the years. Ant & Dec managed to do it in seconds!

2. Lady C and Ronaldo sitting up a tree

K.I.S.S.I.N.G! Well, they might be if Lady C had her way! Who knew the 66-year-old aristocrat was a footie fan? "He's a good looking guy. He's not too young for me but I'm too old for him! If you're into the turf, you like a good stallion."


The image of Duncan Bannatyne being repeatedly plunged into a pool in the centre of the jungle while screaming "3, 2,1, Dunk Duncan!" will stay with us for a long time. Poor Duncan, though, he suffered a black eye in the process.

4. Kieron versus Ostrich

We learned a valuable lesson this series: Kieron Dyer will happily crawl around with snakes, spiders and every creepy crawly around but when it comes to ostriches, he's terrified! Poor Kieron got stuck in Scarier 52 with a rather large, agitated ostrich and couldn't wait to get back out. "Oh f**k me. This is just stupidity," was his exact phrase.

5. Did you say Purple or Duncan?

Another lesson learned this series: the words purple and Duncan sound NOTHING alike! Poor Ferne was left in tears when Chris told her to send the Purple Team to Snake Rock – then backtracked and said he'd actually said send Duncan's team. The words sound totally different!! Ferne, needless to say, was thrilled to be vindicated when she watched the footage back.

6. Lady C wants a threesome with Ant & Dec

First Ronaldo, then Ant & Dec! We loved Lady C's flirtation sessions with Ant & Dec at the Bush Tucker Trials which included coyly telling Dec that he might like a "little cougar for dessert." She then extended the offer to Ant, saying: "Come back, we might have a threesome…" Oh Lady C, behave!

7. Ferne's spider eating trial

It was the most disgusting trial of the series: Ferne had to eat a live, wriggling water spider for her final Bush Tucker Trial. We actually saw the spider's legs sticking out of Ferne's mouth while she chewed. Gross to say the least. Not all viewers were impressed, with 1,000 complaining to OFCOM and ITV.


This was the mother of all rows in camp when tension boiled over and lots of screaming ensued. While we weren't too surprised to see Lady C, Brian, Tony and Duncan involved, it was quiet Yvette piping up to scream at Lady C: "Be quiet! You are a rude, horrible person at the moment with a nasty energy about you!" We did NOT expect that!

9. Sexy Beast Duncan

Who knew Duncan would emerge as the jungle heartthrob? The 66-year-old caught the eye of Vicky Pattison who declared: "He's a bit of a fox. He's an old sort. If he came round mine in his ice cream van I would well get a 99! There are millions and millions of reasons why I find Duncan Bannatyne attractive."

10. Kieron threatens to leave

We thought we would see our first camp walkout of the series when Kieron broke down in tears ten days in, threatening to leave. He said the words, 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' and was halfway out camp until Chris talked him into staying. And thank goodness she did as the Kieron that emerged was a happier, more playful and fun person.

11. Beatle Gate

Another epic row and controversy happened when Lady C flicked a beatle onto the campfire and Tony objected. "That's really cruel!" he stated, while Lady C said: "There was a piece of vermin and I did what any sensible person would do and put it in the fire." Cue another massive row and string of insults.

12. Dec gets his winning moment!

After 15 series in the jungle, Dec finally got his own winning moment courtesy of Tony Hadley and a little programme he may have mentioned named MasterChef. Familiar? Ant put a ban on Dec saying the word MasterChef but Dec got around this with clever wordplay leading to a truly funny victory walk. Love it! Basically everything Ant & Dec did all series was a highlight!

13. Spencer's shock exit

We did not expect Spencer Matthews' time in the jungle to be so brief. Just three days after entering, he was whipped out again by producers. Off camera, it emerged he'd been taking steroids and producers felt it was their duty of care to remove him from camp on medical grounds.

14. That extreme weather

Being in a jungle, the celebs should expect some form of rainy weather but when extreme storms hit the jungle and cut power to camp, producers had no choice but to remove all the stars from camp, cut Jorgie and Ferne's trial short, and tell them to take shelter in the Bush Telegraph. Scary! Joe Swash later said falling trees were the main concern.

15. Lady C

Yes. Just Lady C. Those two words will surely be what most people remember from this series. From the barbed comments to the one liners, fascinating stories, mannerisms (hello knife and fork during Bush Tucker Trial!), rows with campmates and more, love her or loathe her, she was the most talked about and controversial contestant of the series. If she hadn't been removed from the jungle on medical grounds could she have won? We'll never know…