Katie Piper gives fans health update after painful skin graft on her bum

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Katie Piper has given her fans an update on her health after having a painful skin graft.

The Bodyshockers presenter, 32, showed her 302,000 social media fans how she's recuperating after skin was taken from her bottom and put inside her nostrils.

Katie Piper gives fans an update on surgical procedures, 5 December 2015.

© Instagram / katiepiper_

And, as usual, the mum-of-one wasn't complaining at all.

Instead, Katie - who was the victim of an acid attack in 2008 - paid tribute to her new husband Richard Sutton for helping her dress her wound.

She told her Twitter followers: "Had my skin graft donor sight dressing changed tonight by a very handsome doctor - my husband!!! He's getting very good at all this medical stuff."

Katie Piper has operation on her nostrils, 20 August 2015

© Instagram / katiepiper_

Fans were quick to tell Katie how inspiring they find her, with one saying: "You are an amazing and very Inspirational woman. Me and my partner think you're great and my partner fancies the pants off you!"

Another said: "Beautiful woman inside and out!!" While one added: "You are amazing Katie, you make me proud to be a woman x."

One fan gushed: "I can only imagine that Katie's husband is bursting with pride that he is married to such an utterly beautiful, inspiring lady. I imagine Katie has been through hell and back and has come out the other side with a zest for life, a confidence and a genuine desire to help others. With a positivity that most of us can only dream of."

Katie Piper and Richard Sutton arrive at 'The Saturday Night Show' studios, 24 January 2015.


Earlier this week, Katie wrote a sweet tribute to her husband Richard saying: "You came into my life, unexpected and all you have done since is enhanced it to levels I don't know possible #MrsSutton."

The pair got married in November, just three months after Katie endured an operation on her nostrils to try help her start breathing through her nose.

At the time, she shared a picture before and after the procedure, and said: "I've had a skin graft taken from my bum cheek and grafted inside both of my nostrils to hopefully support and open my airwaves. Looking forward to taking some deep breaths soon."

Katie, who was blinded in one eye in the vicious attack, has been through 40 surgical operations to treat her injuries and wore a plastic face mask for 23 hours a day in a bid to rebuild her face.

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