Apprentice's Selina Waterman-Smith on why she won't do You're Fired

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Selina Waterman-Smith has now revealed why she won't take part in The Apprentice's spinoff show, You're Fired.

This week, viewers watched as Selina was the latest candidate to be fired by Lord Alan Sugar. However, fans of the show won't be seeing her go into detail on her exit on You're Fired as Selena has refused to take part in the spinoff.

She had told fans of her refusal to do the show a few weeks back, but now Selina has opened up on why she chose to shun the usual tradition for axed candidates.

The Apprentice 2015
Selina Waterman-Smith

© BBC/Boundless/Jim Marks

Opening up on her exit from The Apprentice, Selina shared a YouTube video to her Twitter to have her say on being fired.

After refusing to take part on You're Fired, Selina gave her own verdict on her departure, focusing on the positives and the things she enjoyed about her time on The Apprentice - despite branding the show as a "slightly negative" experience.

First, though, the starlet addressed her reasons for not doing You're Fired - a panel show hosted by Jack Dee where candidates are grilled by a studio audience.

Selina told fans: "I'm not going to feature on You're Fired this year as everybody knows. This is largely due to the production company and some stories they have released about me to the press.

"I felt that not only are they untrue, but they are also disingenuous towards me and, in light of the fact that they won't retract them, I just felt like I couldn't work with that company anymore."

Selina has been one of this year's most controversial candidates on the show and her comments come after she has been slamming The Apprentice on Twitter on several occasions.

Selina Waterman-Smith on why she chose not to do You're Fired
3 December

© YouTube / Selina Waterman-Smith

Addressing her followers, Selina has publicly said she feels like she has been edited as the show's "pantomime villain", and has suggested the reason for this is because on her refusal to do You're Fired.

Not only has Selina branded The Apprentice as "edited b*llocks", but she recently accused the show of being fixed.

She tweeted: "The finalists are picked from the start, the whole show is fixed and set up."

The BBC, however, has strongly denied Selina's claims. They said: "The show is in no way 'fixed' and we strongly refute any insinuation to the contrary. The final two candidates are decided on by Lord Sugar in the boardroom at the end of episode 11."

Lord Sugar confirms this himself in his new book, Unscripted: My Ten Years In Telly, in which he gives The Apprentice viewers an honest and fascinating look at behind the scenes on the BBC show.

In last night's episode, viewers also saw Scott Saunders quit The Apprentice. Despite being on the winning team for the latest task, Scott told Lord Sugar he would like to leave the process.

He is the first ever candidate to voluntarily leave the show.

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