Geordie Shore's Kyle Christie confesses: "Holly Hagan is a keeper"

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Kyle Christie left Geordie Shore after his co-star's gave him an ultimatum in last night's episode and looking back on his exit, he's now made a surprising confession about ex-girlfriend Holly Hagan.

Throughout Geordie Shore's current series in Greece, things have been tense between Kyle and Holly. Viewers watched the pair break up and continue to come to blows, with their constant rows taking its toll on the rest of the house.

So much so, that Kyle ended up majorly falling out with the rest of the group, but Holly still stuck by him. Thankful to his ex-girlfriend for not turning her back on him, Kyle has now said it proves that Holly is "a keeper".

Kyle Christie, Geordie Shore confession cam, MTV
2 December


In a new clip posted by MTV, Kyle opens up to the Geordie Shore Confession Cam and admits he is still in love with Holly.

Having left the rest of the house in Greece, Kyle reflects on his turbulent trip, explaining there was "no other way" to solve the group's problems than for him to leave.

He had found himself at logger heads with his pals Scott Timlin and Aaron Chalmers after telling them he wants to be single, but then continuing to flirt with Holly.

Explaining where his head is at, Kyle said: "Yes I might have flirted with Holly, but they think that because I broke up with her, I instantly hate her. You know what, I don't f****** hate her. I'll say it and I'm not arsed, I still f****** love her and I fancy her to bits, I always will."

"After the whole bust up, after all the arguments and after the whole house turning against us, that girl was still there sitting next to us," he pointed out. "At the end of the day, that's a f****** keeper."

Hinting he wanted to try and amend things with Holly, Kyle confirmed he has left Geordie Shore for now, but is hoping to reconcile things with his ex and co-stars in the future.

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie, Macmillan Cancer Party, London
28 July

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Since then, Holly and Kyle did give their romance another go.

Ahead of series eleven airing, Holly exclusively confirmed to Reveal she and Kyle were back together, although it had been stressful for the pair since she returned home from Greece.

However, things didn't work out for the duo and Holly recently revealed on Twitter she and Kyle were no longer dating and no longer speaking.

Kyle, meanwhile, has confirmed he will not be in series 12 of Geordie Shore and has left the show. His exit is due to his grandfather falling terminally ill and the reality star admits he has had to put his family first.

He explained Holly initially chose not to film to support him and his family, but later decided she needed to go ahead with series 12.

Kyle admitted things got complicated between the pair while Holly was back in the Geordie Shore house as they hardly stayed in touch.

He revealed: "[Holly] wasn't going to do [series 12] because of my family and personal reasons, my grandfather is like her's, but then at the last minute she decided she needed to do it."

"I was in touch with Holly a little bit, but she rarely got in touch," he added. "I love Holly, I always will, she's my best friend, but at this time the show is more important to her than me."

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