Kyle Christie claims Geordie Shore is "more important" to Holly than him

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Geordie Shore star Kyle Christie has claimed the reality show is "more important" to his ex-girlfriend Holly Hagan than he is.

After a turbulent series out in Greece, Kyle was forced to leave Geordie Shore by his co-stars, after his constant rowing with Holly following their break up. The group had given the couple an ultimatum, telling Holly and Kyle one of them had to go to stop all the drama.

Kyle chose to leave, however, he did not return for series 12 of Geordie Shore and has since revealed he has quit the show. Now, he has said he thinks Holly would consider Geordie Shore to be more important to her than he is.

Kyle Christie attends Jeans for Genes party held at Chinawhite, London
2 September

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Kyle recently revealed the real reason behind his Geordie Shore exit, admitting he chose to leave as his granddad is terminally ill.

Not wanting to be cut off from any contact with his family (like he would be if he was filming), Kyle chose to put his family first and gave up his place in the Geordie Shore house next series. Opening up to The Sun, he revealed Holly had planned not to be a part of series 12 and support him instead, but later decided to head back into the house.

"I love Holly, I always will, she's my best friend, but at this time the show is more important to her than me," the 22-year-old said.

"To Holly, the show is the most important thing on the planet," Kyle explained. "She will not give up anything for the show, it's her baby, it's her life..."

Despite splitting during series eleven, Holly exclusively confirmed to Reveal she and Kyle had got back together. He had found out his granddad was suffering from cancer on his return from Greece and made the decision to stick by his family.

"I found out after Greece," Kyle added. "But he's on his last legs now and I didn't want to be filming while he passed, that would have been terrible as there's no contact with the outside world."

"[Holly] wasn't going to do [series 12] because of my family and personal reasons, my grandfather is like her's, but then at the last minute she decided she needed to do it."

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie, Macmillan Cancer Party, London
28 July

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Admitting things got complicated between the pair while Holly was filming again, Kyle claimed he was hardly in touch with Holly.

"I was looking after my family during the filming of series twelve and I was in touch with Holly a little bit, but she rarely got in touch," he said.

"Series twelve picks up straight from Greece, and Holly will say she's gutted I'm not there, but I don't think she was that ar*ed."

The pair have since split again, with Holly revealing on Twitter she and Kyle are no longer together or speaking.

So far, she is yet to respond to Kyle's comments.

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