Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie are given an ultimatum

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Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid. Please click here if you wish to continue.
Geordie Shore stars Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie are given an ultimatum by their co-stars - one of them has to leave.

So far this series the group have been plagued by the ex-couple's constant arguing. Things have been tense ever since Kyle ended his romance with Holly and the pair soon came to blows when he was spotted kissing somebody else.

The constant rowing has taken its toll on the rest of the group and last week, Holly and Kyle caused a major divide when things got explosive between them once more. Now, Gary Beadle, Charlotte Crosby and co have come up with a solution, one of them has to leave...

Geordie Shore cast tell Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie one person has to go, MTV
1 December


This week, tensions reach fever pitch as Aaron Chalmers calls Kyle out for the way he is acting with Holly. Aaron claims Kyle is still flirting with Holly despite ending their romance, leading Kyle to lash out.

As he and Aaron fight, Gary then gets involved and the rest of the house are left trying to break things up. Seeing their bust up as the final straw, the following day Gary tells his co-stars it can't go on any longer and the situation between Holly and Kyle needs to be dealt with.

In a first look clip posted by MTV, Gaz calls a family meeting, telling the group either Holly or Kyle has to go home.

Trying to explain why, Charlotte tells the former flames: "It's gone too far. It's not just between you and Kyle, it's got to the point where it's between everyone."

Telling their co-stars they have finally stopped "sugar-coating" their split and have had an honest conversation with each other, Holly and Kyle try to reason with the group. But having had enough, Gary doesn't back down.

"It's too late, one of you has got to go," he said.

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie get given ultimatum by co-stars, Geordie Shore
1 December


With that, Kyle says he'll make things easier for everyone and tells Holly he will leave.

Breaking down on camera, she says: "I can see how upset he is... He knew that he had done wrong and that he should of just been honest from the beginning. He hasn't just lost me now, he's lost everyone."

Last week, fans had grown concerned his fallout with his co-stars in Greece has meant Kyle is no longer a part of the show. Not only did Holly reveal that she and Kyle are no longer together - even if they did rekindle things briefly on their return home - but he hasn't been spotted filming with his co-stars for series 12 either.

Does this mean Kyle has left Geordie Shore for good?

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 1 December at 10pm on MTV.

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