TOWIE's Bobby Norris gushes: "I'd put a ring on Jessica Wright!"

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TOWIE star Bobby Norris has proven that he thinks his bestie Jessica Wright is a keeper, insisting he would "put a ring" on her if he could.

Fans of the ITVBe reality show recently saw Jess find herself in an awkward situation with her co-stars Lewis Bloor and Pete Wicks.

Jess had put her romance with Pete in jeopardy, after it was revealed she had enjoyed a drunken kiss with Lewis. While she and Pete did work things out, the pair are remaining coy on when they now stand with each other. Although, Bobby has said Pete would be mad to not make things between himself and Jess official...

Bobby Norris attends the ITV gala, London
19 November

© WENN / Mario Mitsis

Jessica Wright at the ITV gala
19 November

© WENN / Mario Mitsis

Reveal caught up with Bobby on the red carpet at the ITV gala and, ever the doting BFF, he was full of praise for co-star Jess.

He told us: "I love Pete and obviously Jess is one of my best friends, so I love her to the moon and back... if I weren't on the Bobby bus, I'd get on my knee and put a ring on it."

N'aww! Although, Bobs did add: "Let's have it right, though, there isn't a bad looking Wright, between Jess and her brother [Mark], I'd have them both!"

Sharing his thoughts on Jess' situation with Pete, Bobby told us he is rooting for the pair to make a go of their romance.

Jess had originally told Pete she wasn't looking for a relationship, before admitting she was confused about what she really wanted.

"I would love them to get together, but part of me thinks if it was going to happen, would it have happened by now? Who knows?" Bobby said. "But I love love and people being in love."

TOWIE series finale: Jessica Wright and Pete Wicks sort out their differences and kiss.
11 November 2015.


Jess and Pete managed to kiss and make-up despite their drama.

Jess had come under fire during TOWIE's recent finale, after it emerged she had smooched Lewis while dating Pete.

At the time, Pete had told Jess he was disappointed in her for keeping the kiss from him and going behind his back, before hitting out at Lewis and calling him a "mongrel".

Jess apologised to her co-star for disrespecting him and despite being angry, Pete confessed he still had feelings for Jess and wanted to see what could happen between them.

TOWIE series finale: Lewis visits Jess to speak about their kiss.
Airs: Wednesday 11 November 2015.


Reflecting on the drama between his friends, Bobby admits he was clueless when it came to Lewis and Jess locking lips, but insisted Jess hadn't done anything wrong.

"I generally didn't see that coming," he claimed. "I didn't know anything about it, so I was really shocked. It was a drunken kiss, bless her. Jess didn't do anything wrong. She's single and she's beautiful."

We also managed to catch up with Jess and she told us coming face-to-face with Lewis and Pete when news of the kiss came out was a *tad* awkward.

"It was probably one of the most awkward situations of my life," she confessed. "But I'm glad we all sorted it out."

Luckily for her, Pete seems to think it is now all water under the bridge - especially as Jess told him he was "100 percent" the better kisser.


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