Love Island's Jon Clarke tells Hannah Elizabeth: "Just leave me alone"

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Love Island star Jon Clarke has urged his ex-fiancée Hannah Elizabeth to "leave him alone", after clashing with her on Twitter.

Essex boy Jon recently revealed that things have been tense between himself and his co-star since they have called off their engagement. And now, fans have seen the two embroiled in a spat over Twitter, after a friend of Hannah's was heard making comments about Jon in one of her Snapchat videos.

On seeing the clip, Jon didn't take to it too kindly, revealing he wants to cut ties completely with his ex.

Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark

© Daniel Deme

Jon was left angered after he heard a friend of Hannah's hitting out at him. Revealing what was said, Jon shared his upset on social media, tweeting: "Saying you wish I died of cancer that is low! Scum bags!"

Hannah, however, was quick to reply and claimed she wasn't aware of what was said, strongly telling followers that she does not condone the comment at all.

In a series of tweets, she explained: "Let me make something clear!! I DID NOT make this comment about @jbclark_ When i realised someone had, I was disgusted. I deleted it!!!!"

"So upset!! I would never ever condone this," she said. "[I've] friends and family who have suffered with this and it's a subject very close to my heart.

"I [was] drunk and didn't hear what [was] said in my snapchat until later on and I deleted it."

Hannah's tweets didn't stop her from receiving criticism about the jibe. Hitting back at the negative comments, Hannah retweeted those that supported her, before pointing out that Jon wasn't innocent.

She said: "Jon has been ringin me every day off unknown numbers abusing me, no one knows facts so f*** off boring now."

At that, Jon then tweeted: "Just leave me alone! You get on with your life I'll get on with mine!!"

Hannah and Jon's public fallout comes after the pair recently confirmed they had split.

The former flames first met while starring on Love Island and stole the hearts of viewers with their love affair, with Jon even proposing to Hannah on the show.

On their return home from Majorca, the duo had seemed nothing but loved-up, with Jon telling Reveal he and Hannah were living a "fairytale" together.

Love Island - Jon and Hannah get engaged one day before the final. July 2015.


However, last month, news came to light that the pair had constantly been arguing. Hannah and Jon had flown to Spain for a "make or break" holiday, but after a drunken row, he flew home early leaving Hannah overseas.

Since then, Hannah has said she is "heartbroken" things didn't work out, admitting she is now questioning whether Jon's feelings towards her were ever genuine.

She claims after the split he had been out with girls at nightclubs and broadcasting it on social media. She told us: "I'm really shocked and confused by how he's acted... What's breaking my heart is that he's not bothered."

Although, Jon has claimed he has been portrayed unfairly by Hannah following their break up. Revealing he too is "gutted" about the split, Jon recently told The Daily Star Online: "I'm still gutted about the whole situation, but she seems to be moving on now. She's happy and I'm trying to make myself happy as well."

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