TOWIE's Danielle and Lockie: "We're not going to put a label on it"

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TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong has said she and James 'Lockie' Lock are not going to put a label on their relationship.

The exes, who split last year, have begun dating again and in the series finale we saw them kiss as Danni revealed she misses not being with him.

TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong and James 'Lockie' Locke talk about their relationship in latest video.
11 November 2015.


In a new TOWIE video, Danielle said she wasn't dropping "hints" to Lockie by wearing a Kate Middleton inspired wedding dress at Nanny Pat's birthday party.

"Danielle is still very much the bossy woman she's always been," he said, adding that he loves her because "she's a mouthy cow and she puts me in my place".

Speaking about where their relationship is heading, Danni said: "I think we're not going to put anything on it, we're just going to take it slow, go with the flow, just take it slow and see where it goes."

During the series finale, Lockie told Danni that he regrets their split in Marbella earlier this year, where he had been planning to propose.

TOWIE: Lockie and Danni assess where things stand between them.
Episode airs: Wednesday 11 November 2015.


Series finale: Lockie and Danni

Danielle Armstrong and James 'Lockie' Lock kiss following heartfelt chat.
TOWIE series finale - 11 November 2015.


"Things didn't work out, which obviously I regret," said Lockie. "I don't go out to hurt people, especially people I love."

In tears, Danni told him: "I've just missed you. I do miss what we had and it is quite hard sometimes."

But Lockie was hopeful that they could get their relationship back on track in the near future.

"Hopefully with time if I prove myself you won't think too much about what I was and start thinking about what might be," he told her. "Let's just enjoy the night."

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