Love Island's Jon Clarke on split: "I'm gutted, but trying to be happy"

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Love Island star Jon Clark has finally opened up on his split with Hannah Elizabeth, admitting he is "gutted" things never worked out for the pair.

Hannah and Jon first got together while starring on the ITV2 dating show over the summer. At the time, the couple had fallen head over heels for each other, with Jon even plucking up the courage to propose to Hannah onscreen.

While they may have been set to wed, that didn't stop the pair from continuously arguing and their spats finally ended their engagement, after four months of being together. Following their break up, Hannah told Reveal she was "heartbroken" and even questioned whether her former fiancé's feelings had ever been genuine. Now having his say, Jon has said he has been portrayed unfairly since he and Hannah called it quits.

Jon Clark and Stephen Bear attend Jasmin Wallia's clothing launch for Miss Foxy, London
10 November

© WENN / Lexi Jones

Jon Clark (L) pictured with friend and Ex On The Beach star Stephen Bear.

Speculation the duo had broken up first surfaced last month, after Hannah and Jon both hit out at each other on Twitter. Following a "make or break" holiday to Spain (that Jon had flown home from after rowing with Hannah), he tweeted: "Drink changes some people." While she posted: "It's so harsh when you learn what someone actually thinks of you..."

In the weeks that followed, Hannah spoke to us about the pair's split, revealing what had happened overseas.

She told Reveal: "We just had a stupid, drunken argument one evening because I wanted to stay out and he wanted to go home. Jon got in a taxi without me and went back to the hotel, but things got worse the next morning when he said some really nasty things about my glamour modelling.

"He'd always made out it was okay, but that morning he threw it back in my face saying, 'Go get your t*ts out, that's all you're good for,'"

Hannah then went on to question Jon's feelings for her. She added: "I'm really shocked and confused by how he's acted because in the villa he was so lovely and I genuinely thought I was going to marry him... I'm now thinking it was all an act on his behalf. What's breaking my heart is that he's not bothered."

She claimed that one day after their split, Jon was partying with other girls in nightclubs and broadcasting it on Snapchat. "No one has seen his true colours," she warned.

Hannah Elizabeth and Jonathan Clark selfies,
22 July

© Instagram / @hannahelizinsta

Jon and Hannah pictured together back in July.

Now, Jon has had his say, and while he admits he did say things to Hannah during their split that he now regrets, he feels he has been portrayed unfairly.

Opening up to The Daily Star online, Jon said: "I don't feel like the way I have been portrayed is the way it has been.

"In a relationship people say horrible things to each other," he continued. "It is what it is and I'm not going to lie I regret things that I have said to her because they were not nice."

He then added: "I'm gutted that we broke up and I'm still gutted about the whole situation, but she seems to be moving on now. She's happy and I'm trying to make myself happy as well."

Jon revealed that things still aren't great between the pair, with any communication between them never being positive. And while he would have liked the chance to reconcile their relationship, the Essex boy has now ruled it out, wishing Hannah all the best for the future.

"It has gone too far, things have happened," he said.

Sob. The fairytale really is over, then.

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