TOWIE's Chloe Lewis says co-star Ferne McCann is "bitter"

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TOWIE's Chloe Lewis has said co-star Ferne McCann is "bitter".

In the last episode of the ITVBe reality show, we saw Ferne and Chloe's clash continue with no real explanation as to why they've fallen out.

Chloe Lewis talks about her fallout with Ferne McCann - 8 November 2015.


Chloe and Jake talk about Ferne.

Speaking in a video on the TOWIE website, Chloe said: "She's just gone bitter all of a sudden. It's really strange. I'd like to get to the bottom of it really because I'm actually sick to death of being the one who she's picking on all the time."

Chloe's beau Jake Hall also had his say on the situation, and said Ferne was being "nasty" to Chloe.

"I just think let her be," he said. "She's been very rude and that's the problem. She's been nasty for no reason. Chloe ain't done nothing to her and obviously I'm going to have Chloe's back, so if she wants to go down an argument road then let's go."

But, Chloe is adamant she doesn't want anyone else to get involved. She admitted: "I'm hoping it does blow over. I'm never going to be her mate but.."

TOWIE: Ferne and Chloe have an awkward encounter.
8 November 2015.


Chloe and Ferne have clashed again.

Jake added: "Obviously me and Chloe are sorting things out, and I thought I sorted things out with Ferne over in Marbella but by her starting on Chloe, she knows that is going to have my back up and I don't know why she'd want to do that."

Referring back to her argument with Ferne in Marbs when she accused her of fancying Jake, Chloe added: "She didn't really sort things out because she basically was all over you in a club, so that's not really sorting things out."

Will Chloe and Ferne ever sort out their issues?

TOWIE: Ferne and Chloe have an awkward encounter.
8 November 2015.


Ferne and Chloe's awkward encounter.

In the last episode, the girls had an awkward encounter as Chloe dined out with Kate Wright, but it wasn't long before Ferne walked in and completely ignored Chloe.

Chloe said to Kate that a few days before, a drunken Ferne had asked to speak to her on the phone after calling Chloe Sims' mobile.

Chloe explained: "She went 'do yourself a favour, no one wants to talk about you, you're boring mate'. I was so shocked that I just put the phone down and then she text me abuse, so I had to block her from my phone.

"She said, 'I don't mention you in everything I do, you boring little mug'. So I basically told her to go away, and she put, 'the kind of monosyllabic response I can only expect from you'."

Ferne also spoke about the awkward encounter with Billie Faiers and Jessica Wright and said she only sent her the text message because Chloe tweeted about her indirectly first.

TOWIE series finale airs Wednesday 11 November at 10pm on ITVBe.

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