X Factor's Only The Young split and then fall out via Twitter

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X Factor group Only The Young have announced they have split, just one year after finding fame on the ITV talent show.

Parisa Tarjomani, Betsy-Blue English, Charlie George and Mikey Bromley made up the group that impressed viewers with their quirky performances and individual styles. But despite making it to week seven of the live shows and going on to release their debut single, 'I Do', the four piece have decided to call it quits...

And very publicly too.

Only The Young at Radio 1, London
6 August


Parisa was first to announce the break down of the band, telling fans she had decided to leave the group, after three years.

Taking to her blog, Parisa wrote: "During these past 3 years I have really grown up and I have learnt that you sometimes have to move on when things no longer make you happy. It got to the stage where performing and meeting you guys, was the only bonus for me."

She went on to thank her bandmembers, telling them she has had "some of the best times" with them that she will "never forget".

However, Betsy (who is dating former Stereo Kicks star Casey Johnson) seemed to suggest Parisa wasn't entirely telling the truth.

Addressing fans on Facebook, she hit back: "Just want you all to know the truth. As you have all been so loyal to us I feel you deserve better. We have been deciding how to tell you guys that the band was coming to an end for a while - no one decided to just leave.

"Some people just wanted to give you that impression."

And after setting up her own official Twitter account, Betsy-Blue added: "There's always 2 sides to every story. Who cares anyway.. lets move on! WHO WANTS A FOLLOW?"

However, it didn't end there.

Parisa then tweeted: "We never mutually decided to leave..." Before adding: "Guys you can believe what you want. I'm not here to point fingers or blame anyone. I'm here to move forward."

And if that wasn't enough, family members then started getting involved too.

Parisa's sister Zahra reiterated that Only The Young have split because Parisa left, before hitting out at Betsy-Blue by saying: "Stop LYING. We all know the truth. Bruised ego eh???"

When fans shared the same sentiment on Besty's Facebook that she was the one who had made things up, her mum hit back: "Are you calling my daughter a liar?"

Messy, much?

While the reason behind Only The Young's split hasn't appeared to have been confirmed, the boys Charlie and Mikey have stayed well away from the chaos surrounding the break up.

Charlie hasn't yet commented on anything related to Only The Young on his own Twitter account, where as Mikey has tweeted that he is missing his bandmates. He said: "It's been an incredible 3 years with these losers! I miss them already :(."

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