Charlie Simpson breaks silence on Busted comeback: "The unexpected happens"

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Charlie Simpson has broken his silence on Busted's comeback, telling fans: "Sometimes the unexpected happens..."

In case you missed it (you can't have unless you've had your head under a rock all morning...), Busted are finally making a comeback! Hoorah!

Despite having fans thinking he would never go back there after quitting in 2005, Charlie has decided to rejoin Matt Willis and James Bourne and we literally couldn't be more excited. After confirming the news on the band's official YouTube account, Charlie has now taken to Twitter to have his say on the reunion we have all been waiting for.

Busted announce their reunion tour, The Soho Hotel, London
10 November

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He tweeted: "Life is a crazy thing. Sometimes we know how it's going to turn out and sometimes we don't. Sometimes the unexpected happens..."

Oh, yes it does! Next year, Charlie, Matt and James will be reliving their Busted days on stage as they take to the road with their 'Meet You There' tour. Who'd have thought it, eh?

James and Matt had quipped Charlie would only return to Busted when pigs could fly and even Charlie, himself, admitted that if you had asked him to return three years ago, he wouldn't have.

Admitting why now seems like the right time to come back, Charlie admitted the idea had crept into his head after he caught up with James following ten years apart.

Speaking on Busted's official site, Charlie says: "Why are we here? Because a year ago James and I got together and just started hanging out. It really has been 10 years since we hung out; we'd talked on the phone a few times, and met a couple of times. But there was this huge void of time where we just didn't speak. Not because he had any issues but I was off doing my own thing, and he was busy, so we just drifted apart.

"And we just started... getting on. It felt really different, somehow, to how it had ten years ago. And the idea crept into my head after all that time apart: What would Busted look like today?"

Not only will the boys be rehashing their old hits (who could forget 'What I Go To School For' and 'Crashed The Wedding'), but Charlie, Matt and James have been working on new Busted tunes too. Eek!

The trio gave us a taste of their new material in their comeback video and it's definitely made us all go a little fuzzy inside.

Tickets for Busted's 'Meet You There' Tour 2016 will go on sale Friday 13 November at 9am.

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