TOWIE's Pete Wicks hints he has forgiven Jessica Wright for Lewis kiss?

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TOWIE star Pete Wicks has hinted he has forgiven Jessica Wright for kissing Lewis Bloor.

Last night, fans of the show learnt Jess had kissed Lewis, following her vineyard date with Pete, Ferne McCann and Liam Blackwell. Lewis told Pete he had bumped into Jess after in Essex hotspot Sheesh, with the pair enjoying a drunken smooch later that evening.

At the time, Pete not surprisingly was fuming and branded both Lewis and Jess a "f****** joke" for disrespecting him. However, now it seems he may be willing to give Jess a second chance...

Taking to Twitter following the episode, Pete hinted he has forgiven Jess for kissing Lewis.

While users of the social media site had hit out at Jess over the show's latest bombshell, Pete seemed to jump to her defence.

He tweeted: "Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes..."

Does this mean he is willing to give his and Jess' romance a second chance???

TOWIE's Jess talks about Pete at bonfire, 4 Nov 2015


Pete's tweet comes after viewers watched him get visibly upset when Lewis revealed Jess had kissed him. He had questioned Lewis over his behaviour, asking his co-star why he would kiss Jess when he knew she and Pete were romantically linked.

Trying to defend himself, Lewis told him he had kept quiet as he thought Pete and Jess had cooled things off at the time.

Explaining why he's now mentioning it, Lewis said: "The reason why I'm telling you now is because I've been di*ked around by Nicole for four weeks and I wish someone had come to me and said 'f**k it, don't do it because if something was going to happen, I feel like it would have already'.

"And I feel like if something was gonna happen proper with you and Jess, it would have. I'm sorry, you're probably going to think I'm a f**king prick for keeping it to myself but I've known Jess for a very, very long time and..."

Pete hit back: "It doesn't really matter how long you've known the bird. If me and you are supposed to be pals and we get on... I think that says more about you and Jess than it does me. I've been as nice as pie to the girl from start to finish and I said to her I wouldn't disrespect her, she's point blank disrespected me there, as have you, I wouldn't have done that to you."

TOWIE: Lewis Bloor drops a bombshell to Pete Wicks about Jessica Wright.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


Following the episode, many of Pete's co-stars have jumped to his defence, including Michael Hassini who tweeted he thought Lewis kissing Jess was an "outright liberty".

Lewis has since defended himself and Jess, explaining the pair locking lips wasn't anything "sinister". He said: "Basically Jess had broken up with Pete, she said she didn't see anything happening, and at the time, I thought something was going on between Nicole and Mike.

"Me and Jess have been friends for a very very long time, she's a very beautiful girl, I was lucky to have had the opportunity, but you know, it wasn't really anything sinister. We were both drunk, we had both been out, had a kiss, Pete's raging…"

He went on to add that he thinks he has "helped the situation" be pointing out the truth to Pete, that Jess doesn't want to be with him.

Jess had initially said she didn't want a relationship with her co-star, however, she later admitted she was confused about her feelings.

More recently, the starlet gushed she and Pete were better than ever, telling her co-stars she was happy he was in her life. Will the pair be able to put this latest bombshell behind them?

TOWIE continues Wednesday 11 November at 10pm on ITVBe.

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