TOWIE's Lewis Bloor on Jess Wright kiss: "It wasn't anything sinister"

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TOWIE's Lewis Bloor has said his kiss with Jessica Wright wasn't "sinister", explaining it just happened because they were "drunk".

On Sunday night's episode (8 November), Lewis dropped a huge bombshell to Pete Wicks, revealing he had kissed Jess just a few weeks ago.

Lewis Bloor speaks about the fallout from his Jess Wright kiss revelation - 9 November 2015.


In a new TOWIE video, which was filmed straight after Lewis made the shock revelation, he said: "Basically Jess had broken up with Pete, she said she didn't see anything happening, and at the time, I thought something was going on between Nicole and Mike.

"Me and Jess have been friends for a very very long time, she's a very beautiful girl, I was lucky to have had the opportunity, but you know, it wasn't really anything sinister. We were both drunk, we had both been out, had a kiss, Pete's raging…"

Lewis said he felt like he has done the right thing by telling Pete about the kiss, which took place three weeks ago after Jess' vineyard date with Pete.

"With Nicole and Jess, I feel like they were sort of just stringing us both along and d**king about," Lewis continued. "I feel like if something was going to happen with either of them, what's f**king holding them back? As much as Pete didn't like it, I feel like I've done the right thing by telling him... It was the right thing to do to tell him because now he understands perhaps what the situation really is between him and Jess, instead of clutching at straws and holding onto something that might never come.

"I feel like perhaps he realises now he should perhaps walk away, that's what I mean when I say I've helped the situation, help the truth... the truth will set you free."

TOWIE: Pete Wicks has it out with Lewis Bloor after he finds out he kissed Jessica Wright.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


TOWIE: Pete Wicks has it out with Lewis Bloor after he finds out he kissed Jessica Wright.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


Lewis' bombshell came as a blow to Pete as he and Jess had been on a few dates. Pete had already admitted how much he fancied Jess, but the pair had been confused over where things were heading.

Last week, they agreed that they could still date other people, but in last night's episode we saw Jess admit that since their conversation they've been getting closer.

Pete also said things between him and Jess were "better than ever", adding: "We ain't slept together, but things are progressing that sort of way."

After news of Lewis and Pete's shock kiss, is there anyway back for Pete and Jess?

Pete branded Lewis and Jess a "f**king joke", saying both of them had "disrespected" him.

TOWIE's Jess talks about Pete at bonfire, 4 Nov 2015


Jess has yet to give her side of the story.

After the episode, Lewis was embroiled in a Twitter spat with Michael Hassini over the kiss, but he tweeted: "A lot of bad choices this past few months but you know what you live and learn..

"Also @P_Wicks01 is not at all a bad person and what I done is wrong. @MissJessWright_ is also a very sweet person and doesn't deserve a hard time."

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