TOWIE's Lewis Bloor & Michael Hassini clash via Twitter over Jess kiss

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TOWIE star Michael Hassini has slammed Lewis Bloor on Twitter, after it was revealed he had kissed Jessica Wright.

Fans of the show will know Pete Wicks has been pursuing Jess for quite some time now and their 'Will they? Won't they?' storyline has had us all hooked this series. However, Lewis made a surprising revelation in last night's episode of the show, revealing he and Jess had kissed following a night out.

Pete, not surprisingly, was hurt to hear about the smooch and Mike took to Twitter in his defence, tweeting that Lewis kissing Jess was an "outright liberty".

TOWIE star Lewis Bloor
11 October


Lewis Bloor stare off with Michael Hassini
11 October


In a series of tweets about his co-star, Mike told fans: "I'm not usually one to do this but what @lewis_bloor has done is an outright liberty and takes the piss! #truecolours #notsurprised."

He added: "Couldn't of dogged over a nicer geezer than @P_Wicks01 a true gent!

"If what @lewis_bloor had done was done to me I'd understand because we ain't pals but laughing and joking with Pete etc then doing that... respect and loyalty are very important #morals."

It's common knowledge that there's no love lost between Michael and Lewis, with the boys coming to blows earlier this series.

Lewis claimed he and Mike had been friends before the newcomer hooked up with his ex-girlfriend and lied about it, while Mike insists the pair were never close. He then angered Lewis again by trying to date another of his former flame's Nicole Bass.

On seeing Mike's latest tweets, Lewis hit back: "Bottom line is I told @P_Wicks01 to his face. @MichaelHassini didnt have the bottle to tell me thats what my problem was lets be clear."

In another post, he admitted he was wrong to kiss Jess knowing that she and Pete were romantically linked, adding: "Also @P_Wicks01 is not at all a bad person and what i done is wrong. @MissJessWright_ is also a very sweet person doesnt deserve a hard time."

Lewis' comments come after he revealed he and Jess had kissed to a clearly upset Pete.

Initially Jess had said she didn't want a relationship with Pete, but later admitted she was confused when it came to her feelings for him.

The pair have, however, enjoyed a string of dates and Jess recently revealed things with her and Peter are better than ever.

"We've got on better than ever because the pressure's off," she told her co-stars. "We're having two hour long conversations in bed every night, on the phone... I love being around him, I'm really, really, really content at the minute and I just like him being in my life."

TOWIE: Lewis Bloor drops a bombshell to Pete Wicks about Jessica Wright.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


Things soon took a sour turn for the pair, though, when it came to light that after her vineyard date with Pete, Jess had later kissed Lewis.

'Fessing up, Lewis told Pete: "You had that thing with Jess after the vineyard, Jess and Ferne went to Sheesh after and I was in there, I ended up going back to Jess' and we kissed. But it was nothing more than just a silly kiss."

Pete then questioned why Lewis didn't tell him about the kiss earlier, before blasting him and Jess for being disrespectful.

So far, Jess is yet to comment...

TOWIE continues Wednesday 11 November at 10pm on ITVBe.

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