TOWIE's Pete Wicks brands Lewis Bloor and Jessica Wright a "f**king joke"

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TOWIE's Pete Wicks branded Lewis Bloor and Jessica Wright a "f**king joke" after he found out the pair kissed a few weeks ago.

Sunday night's episode (8 November) was certainly an explosive one as Lewis dropped a bombshell on Pete that he had shared a kiss with Jess back at her flat following her vineyard date with Pete.

TOWIE: Pete Wicks has it out with Lewis Bloor after he finds out he kissed Jessica Wright.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


Lewis dropped a big bombshell...

Earlier in the episode, Jess was seen telling Billie Faiers, Danielle Armstrong and Bobby Norris about love interest Pete: "We've got on better than ever because the pressure's off. We're having two hour long conversations in bed every night, on the phone.

"You know when the talk turns to like our previous sex lives with people and numbers, you know silly things like that… I love being around him, I'm really, really, really content at the minute and I just like him being in my life."

And, Pete seemed to echo this later on as Lewis Bloor asked what was going on between him and Jess.

Pete said things between them were "better than ever", adding: "We ain't slept together, but things are progressing that sort of way."

TOWIE: Pete Wicks has it out with Lewis Bloor after he finds out he kissed Jessica Wright.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


...And Pete wasn't happy...

But that all changed during a night out at the dogs. After talking about his bitter argument with ex Nicole Bass, Lewis revealed to a shocked Pete that he had recently kissed Jess.

Lewis revealed: "You had that thing with Jess after the vineyard, Jess and Ferne went to Sheesh after and I was in there, I ended up going back to Jess' and we kissed. But it was nothing more than just a silly kiss.

"The reason why I've not said anything is at that time after the vineyard, you two had cleared it off, and I wasn't doing anything with Nicole either.

Understandably, Pete was fuming.

Following *that* neck click (watch the video below), Pete said: "Why didn't you tell me at the time instead of f**king two weeks later?"

Lewis said he kept quiet because after the vineyard date - which turned a little sour after Jess said to Pete she didn't want to be in a relationship - it was assumed the pair had cooled things off.

Lewis said: "The reason why I'm telling you now is because I've been di*ked around by Nicole for four weeks and I wish someone had come to me and said 'f**k it, don't do it because if something was going to happen, I feel like it would have already'. And I feel like if something was gonna happen proper with you and Jess, it would have. I'm sorry, you're probably going to think I'm a f**king prick for keeping it to myself but I've known Jess for a very, very long time and..."

Pete interrupted, saying: "It doesn't really matter how long you've known the bird. If me and you are supposed to be pals and we get on," but Lewis said he is "closer friends" with Jess.

"Well you obviously ain't friends if you're f**king getting hold of the bird mate," Pete hit back. "So don't play that f**king game. You've been going on about Nicole, saying you want Nicole and she's mugged you off, but you're getting hold of Jess and been seeing some other bird, so you've f**ked her about as much as she has you."

TOWIE: Lewis Bloor drops a bombshell to Pete Wicks about Jessica Wright.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


TOWIE - Pete and Jess on vineyard date.
18 October 2015.


Jess and Pete went on a vineyard date three weeks ago.

With the pair going back and forth, Pete had the final word before walking off: "I think that says more about you and Jess than it does me. I've been as nice as pie to the girl from start to finish and I said to her I wouldn't disrespect her, she's point blank disrespected me there, as have you, I wouldn't have done that to you.

"I wouldn't be cracking onto Nicole or someone you had been speaking to or something else because for me, that ain't what you do with someone you're supposed to be pals with. I think the pair of ya are a f**king joke. Enjoy your drink."

With Jess yet to tell her side of the story, is it the end for them?

TOWIE's series finale airs on Wednesday 11 November at 10pm on ITVBe.

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